Lionel Messi’s boots at the Qatar 2022 World Cup: what they look like and what they mean

Lionel Messi’s boots at the Qatar 2022 World Cup: what they look like and what they mean

The captain of the Argentine team already has the possible design of his boots for what will be a new World Cup. The German brand that sponsors Lionel Messi, Adidas, already has the model that the “albiceleste” captain would wear in his fifth World Cup. “Adidas X Messi 2022 World Cup Speedportal” is the name of Rosario’s boots, according to the site footyheadlines.

According to this site specialized in launching sports products from the soccer industry, given the possibility that it will be the last World Cup as the Rosario crack insinuated, they were inspired by the first ones he used in Germany 2006. However, instead of a white upper part as on that occasion, the new ’10’ boots are entirely gold. The sole also maintains those tones, although it is made with a much brighter material. On the sides there are asymmetrical lines in black, white and light blue.

In addition, they reported that it has a high-speed stability system, an ‘agility cage’ designed for greater support in explosive movements and changes of direction, a non-slip print on the heel to better support the foot, and other details that point to benefit and enhance Messi’s performance. In principle and, even without official information, they will have a value of 300 dollars.

The records that Messi could break in Qatar

  1. Argentinian with the most disputed editions: Leo holds the Argentine record of having disputed four editions of the tournament. He shares it with two other historical players of the national team: Diego Maradona and Javier Mascherano.
  2. Footballer with the most editions played in general: Qatar will become the fifth World Cup for him and, in this way, he will equal the record shared by the German Lothar Matthäus (1982, 1986, 1990, 1994 and 1998), the Italian Gianluigi Buffon (1998 , 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014), and the Mexicans Rafael Márquez (2002, 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018) and Antonio Carbajal (1950, 1954, 1958, 1962 and 1966).
  3. Argentinian with the most games played: He played 19 games in this competition and is in third place, behind Javier Mascherano (20) and Diego Maradona (21). Therefore, if he plays all three group stage matches (against Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland), he will sit at the top alone with 22.
  4. Most games played between players from all over the world: Lothar Matthaus is the player with the most games played in World Cups so far with 25. Leo has 19 and is six away from reaching him. He might even top him if he makes it to the semi-final stage.
  5. Most minutes played: He played a total of 1,624 minutes in World Cups since his debut in Germany in 2006. The first place in this category is occupied by the Italian Paolo Maldini, who said he was present in a total of 2,217 minutes. To overcome it, the Paris Saint Germain (PSG) striker must play 85 minutes per match until the final or, failing that, until the match for third and fourth place (unless in one of the direct elimination matches he plays 30 ′ minutes of extra time).
  6. Argentine top scorer: Gabriel Batistuta (eighth in the historical table of World Cup scorers) managed to score 10 goals in 12 games and became the top scorer of the Argentine team in World Cups. Therefore, to match him, Messi has to score four goals, since he has six in 19 games.
  7. Historical top scorer: The record is held by the German Miroslav Klose, who scored a total of 16. To surpass him, Lionel will have to convert 11 goals in this edition.
  8. Most games as captain: With 16 games, Diego Armando Maradona holds the record for being the footballer who wore the captain’s ribbon the most times in the entire history of World Cups. Leo played 12, so if Argentina reaches the round of 16, he will equal Diego and, if he reaches the quarterfinals, he will keep the record alone.
  9. Most games won: The record is held by Miroslav Klose alone, with 17. The former Barcelona, ​​meanwhile, has 12, so if he manages to win five games he will equal it, while if he wins in the semifinals or, failing that, in the match for third and fourth place, he will move to the first place of the historical winners table
  10. More Golden Balls in World Cups: The Ballon d’Or for the best player in each World Cup edition began to be awarded in Spain in 1982. Since then, no footballer has managed to win the award more than once. Rosario received him in Brazil 2014 and, if he is chosen as the player with the best performance throughout the tournament, he will become the only one with two titles of this magnitude.
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