US citizen identified as serial killer of sex workers in Tijuana

US citizen identified as serial killer of sex workers in Tijuana

A homicide committed in the city of Tijuana, Baja California, in February 2022, exposed an American serial killer that, at least, he has committed three similar crimes in that area.

Is about Brayan Rivera and/or Brayan Andrade Rivera a 30-year-old man whose home is in southern California, and who is blamed for the deaths of three sex workers across the border.

According to the weekly Zeta, the Tijuana authorities detected that, in addition to the crime committed in February 2022, this subject is related to two other murders: one perpetrated in January of the same year, and another in September 2021.

Likewise, they are tracking the files from 2019, to see if they locate more victims and similar deaths. Although the extradition request is already being worked on and the Baja California Attorney General’s Office requested and obtained the support of US police and investigators, so far they haven’t found it.

According to information to which the aforementioned media had access, Brayan Rivera’s modus operandi consists of visiting nightclubs in the tolerance zone in Tijuana where he contacts sex workers between 20 and 30 years old, thin, with a height of approximately 1.60 meters, light brunettes and fine features.

Prior to the murders, the murderer used to become a regular customerbe attentive and financially generous to build trust, to later perpetrate the crimes.

In all three cases the suspect suffocated them to death, in addition to hitting them in the chest and face. Two of the three victims were found naked, while the girl who was clothed seems to have resisted more, as she had more injuries.

Thanks to surveillance images from various points, the aggressor could be identified, as well as the car he was driving. Sharing this data with the United States government, they were able to know that the dates of the three homicides coincided with the days of Rivera’s crossings at the sentry box.

According to the physical characteristics of this serial killer, he is light brown, overweight, oval face, large straight nose, protruding ears, medium lips, short dark hair, and appears to be older.

So far there is no record that Brayan Rivera crossed again with his passport from Tijuana to San Ysidro since the end of February, but they do not know if they are still on the Mexican side, or if there is a possibility that he has documents with another identity. .

For the three femicides committed in Tijuana, Rivera would face a sentence of up to 180 years in prison.that is, 60 years for each of the deaths.

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