CDC COVID guidelines are changing with the recommended isolation period reduced from 10 days to five. How will that affect the world of sport?

The world of sport has been restless for the past few weeks with an increase in COVID cases leading to postponements and cancellations.

The NFL has had to delay games. College basketball, NBA and NHL teams have had to shut down. Bowling games in college football have been canceled and reorganized.

However, on Monday, the CDC removed some new guidelines for isolation after a positive COVID test. What does this all mean?

How will the new CDC COVID guidelines impact the world of sports?

The change to the CDC’s recommendations could have a huge impact on sports leagues across the country.

The NFL and NBA have already changed their policies in an attempt to try to get players to return more quickly from a positive test. Most of those policies have focused on unvaccinated players and staff, who can test off the COVID list.

With the five-day isolation period, even unvaccinated players could be eliminated much more quickly in theory.

For a soccer team, that could mean that a player who tested positive on Monday returns in time for a game on Sunday.

However, it is important to consider specific insulation recommendations.

Here’s what the CDC says:

  • The clock starts on the day you test positive.
  • An infected person must remain in isolation for five days, instead of the 10 previously recommended.
  • After five days, if you have no symptoms, you can go back to your normal activities, but you should wear a mask everywhere, even at home with other people, for at least five more days.
  • If you still have symptoms after five days of isolation, stay home until you feel better and then start wearing a mask for five days at all times.

However, it is unclear how skins could be incorporated for players during the second half of that recommendation.

That will be up to the NFL, NBA, and other leagues to decide, but since the CDC recognizes that people are most infectious two days before and three days after symptoms develop, the five-day guide should result in easing. of policies.

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