NBA ‘La Barba’ believes that the team will improve a lot

A picture of James Harden in the game where they debut as a Nets player.

El star listening James Harden, that this Saturday made his debut as a new player of the Brooklyn Nets, arrived charged with energy and explosion in his game to immediately make story with a triple-double and then at the press conference anticipate that “They will be a terrifying team.”

Harden, who in 40 minutes of action achieved 32 points, 12 rebounds and 14 assists, helped the Nets beat the Orlando Magic 122-115.

My ability to make plays will show“said Harden, who had not had a training session with the Nets.” We have two elite scorers that the world already knows and together we will do great things.

Harden, who lost nine balls, reiterated that “my job is to come here and obviously score points when necessary, but my ability to make plays in terms of getting shots from our attackers and great scorers should be reflected in the basket and with the improvement of the whole team“.

The new Nets player, who wore the jersey with the number 13, the same one he had in Houston, made 8 of 18 shots from the field, including 3 of 10 3-point attempts, and 13 of 15 from the personnel line.

Harden was cleared to play early in the day after all the players involved in the trade that brought him in from the Houston Rockets had completed their physicals.

The new star of the Nets reiterated that his mission is to improve the Nets in all facets of the game, but above all to take advantage of their speed.

I think that’s one aspect of my game to highlight in this offense.. As long as I’m improving my teammates, points don’t matter. Everyone knows I can hit the ball at high speed, and that’s where sacrifice comes in. ”

Although he did not have time to train with the Nets, he became the first player in franchise history to have a triple-double in his debut after making aggressive basketball both in attack and defense, which in the end the Orlando team could not control.

While his new partner, forward Kevin Durant, with whom he already played when they were both in the Oklahoma City Thunder, finished with 42 points as the top scorer and “happy” to be with Harden again.

At first I felt that we were all getting over the moment of noveltytrying to make everyone feel comfortable, “Durant commented.” But then, James (Harden) got in his aggressive way to score and that opened up the whole game for others. ”

For his part, the rookie coach of the Nets, Canadian Steve Nash, acknowledged that after seeing Harden his big problem will be seeing how so much class and talent fit in.

I think it will be a fit for everyone, but it is an incredible problem and something that I think we will enjoy trying to figure out“, subray Nash.

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