“It is time to trust Triad. Take three more fairways, hang on to three more greens, and hit 3 more pats. It sounds easy, but even a meter and a half pat is not guaranteed. However, with a ball designed for the player looking to excel, simple comes easier. Time to try the Wilson Triad.”

This is the message transmitted to us by Manolo Vega , the media star of the new Wilson Golf campaign , which we are already seeing on the Internet and on social networks. The company has created a great product, the three-piece Wilson Triad golf ball , launched since the beginning of February, and has started betting on it with all its resources. As he demonstrates with this powerful marketing campaign starring ‘Manolo’, as in the video:

The Wilson Triad is not just another ball, but a ball that does it all. A high moment of inertia design that generates fast ball speed and less spin off the tee, for a more stable flight with which to hit more fairways. Its ultra -thin cast urethane cover produces high spin with irons and wedges to attack more pins. And its Tri-Balanced construction gives you the precision and true roll to put more pats on the green.

For all these reasons, the Wilson Triad is positioned as a ball for the player who is about to make his way in golf, in the process of improvement. You may not have considered playing with a Tour ball, but you do feel like you’ve outgrown the two-piece Surlyn ball and are looking for something better. And if your budget is not an obstacle, for €49.99 a dozen (RPP arpox.) you have a magnificent technologically advanced three-piece ball.

But who is Manolo?

One of the leaders of the Team Triad is Manolo Vega @Manoloteachesgolf , a golf instructor and influencer with a strong personality from Southern California with over 680,000 followers on Instagram.

His warning is this clear: “ If you take golf too seriously, you won’t like it. However, if you take golf seriously enough, and want to improve, and still want to have fun, you’ll find it entertaining.”

Manolo connects with many of the types of players the company is trying to reach with its new product. Wilson considers the Triad suitable for a wide demographic group , very well focused towards two profiles: one is the age group of up to 40 years; and the other for golfers looking to break the 80 stroke barrier. Those who are in these parameters will be the ones who will help the most, and that is why they should try it.

Especially thinking of the youngest group, that of the golfers who represent the ideals of the ‘Triad players’ , is towards whom the Manolo Vega campaign has been oriented . And for them the hashtag #trustintriad has been created.

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