After a 56-day stay at Infinitum Golf, awarded as the Best Golf Complex in Europe, the Swiss national team has proclaimed it the perfect destination for its players to face the new season.

Impeccable practice facilities, 45 championship holes and a very wide lifestyle offer , Infinitum has proven to be the perfect place for Alexandre Chopard and his players, who appreciated the opportunity to escape the cold of their country and reproduce the quality conditions of the Tour.

Alexandre Chopard , coach of the Swiss national team, comments: “It has been very nice to come from the snow to a golf course where you can actually play. Players love the challenges that Infinitum offers, its unique golf courses offer holes of different levels and difficulties, so they can choose which one they want to play. The variety of golf is great and it’s a great way to start the season by testing yourself with different challenges.”

“It is a place where you can come with a group of players and organize exactly what you need for the team and that is something that has been very beneficial for us. We wanted to train on the practice field and the team assigned us an area exclusively for us. So of course we’re going to recommend it and we haven’t seen a cloud all week and it’s January!”

“The accommodation is also great and living in such a community is really special. We usually stay in a hotel, which is one or two per room, but staying in a house creates a real team spirit and we really enjoy it. Infinitum has helped us create the perfect conditions to practice, it has been a very good experience and we can’t wait to return” .

The Swiss players are the latest in a long line of elite amateurs who have traveled to Infinitum to practice in recent years, along with Iceland, Sweden and Germany . Having also hosted the DP World Tour Qualifying School Final between 2017-19, Infinitum’s reputation as a host of elite golfers continues to grow.

Pablo Guerrero Jaureguizar , Golf Guest Service Manager, states: “It has been a pleasure hosting Swiss players this last month and it has been great to hear so many positive comments from the team and coaches. At Infinitum, the quality and variety of the on-site experience is something we take pride in and are always looking to improve on.”

“Welcome to elite golfers is a great way to show that off, but we are also proud of the gameplay and accessibility we offer golfers of any level and look forward to welcoming players back as the season gets under way.” .

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