Gervonta Davis vs Pitbull Cruz live

Round 8 | Cruz goes on the attack but Gervonta doesn’t stay still and doesn’t let them get their hands on him. The eighth round is over.

Round 8 | Isaac Cruz goes back to the canvas but the referee does not give it as a fall and gives it as a slip. Gervonta already looks more confident and that is very dangerous.

Round 7 | Cruz seems to want to finish it off in one fell swoop and starts to fly but Gervonta does not stay still and that prevents the blows.

Round 7 | We enter the second half of the fight and here the key moments begin for both of us if they want to go out with their hands up.

Round 6 | The sixth round is over and so far no clear winner is in sight, the Mexican is making things difficult for the great favorite of the night.

Round 6 | Cruz hits two jabs in Davis’s face and Tank better ties up to avoid further punishment. The Mexican is not being an easy rival.

Round 5 | Right to the face and then another to the body by Isaac, although Gervonta responds from the left at the end of the fifth round, which is now history.

Round 5 | Cruz moves his waist and looks for the right moment to hurt, although Gervonta still does not want to enter the exchange.

Round 4 | Davis walks the entire ring and thus the fourth round ends, leaving the Pitbull Cruz without attacking options.

Round 4 | Gervonta releases a combination of power but the Mexican comes out well and is not able to be connected. This is very closed.

Round 4 | Cruz seems to know no other way and again he is the one who drops the first blows at the start of the fourth round.

Round 3 | Gervonta’s upper and hook to make himself felt and begins to hurt the Mexico City-born.

Round 3 | Cruz knows about Davis’ mobility and that is why he closes the exits every time he goes to attack, preventing Gervonta from going out through legs.

Round 2 | Gervonta does not lose the papers and takes the fight calmly but the Pitbull releases a large left that puts him on shaky legs.

Round 2 | The Pitbull does not want to be a simple prey and it is he who goes on the attack at the beginning of the second, putting Gervonta in a corner, sheltering from the attacks.

Round 1 | Isaac Cruz goes to the canvas in the last second of the first round but it was due to a slip and is not taken as a fall.

Round 1 | The Pitbull keeps going forward and now looks for Davis’s body but the Tank responds immediately and also shows power.

Round 1 | The fight starts at the Staples Center and Gervonta does not want surprises, although Cruz unleashes a forehand to make himself felt at the start.

Round 1 | After the presentation of the judges, the referee and the fighters, this already starts and VAAAAAAMOOOOOOOOOS WITH THE ACTIONS.

As in all his fights, the Tank Gervonta Davis comes out to the rhythm of Hip-Hop and Floyd Mayweather looks proud from the top of the ring. This is nowhere to be found in Los Angeles.

To the rhythm of mariachi, Isaac Cruz is already making his walk towards the ring and Viva México rumbles at the Staples Center. The Mexican fans did make the effort to go support the one from Mexico City.

The national anthems of Mexico and the United States are already playing at the Staples Center and we are just seconds away from seeing the exits of both fighters heading to the ring.

Just look at the speed at the hands of Gervonta Davis, who is looking for a new knockout in his career but will now have a fierce Mexican fighter in front of him.

Well, after the controversy, now we are going to what we are all waiting for. Gervonta Davis puts his belt and his undefeated quality on the line against Mexican Isaac Cruz in the super stellar match.

Result of the fight: Sebastian Fundora vs Sergio García | Fundora wins for UD

By unanimous decision with 115-113, 118-110 and 117-111, the Californian Sebastián Fundora takes the victory in a fight that will give something to talk about and it was not the beating that two of the three judges saw.

Round 12 | IT’S OVER. What a great closing we just had but there is nothing for anyone and now we will have to wait to see who is the winner in this semifinal fight of the evening.

Round 12 | Garcia’s legs do not respond to him but that does not prevent him from continuing to drop shrapnel to see if a blow can sentence the fight.

Round 12 | Last, last round and let’s see if we have a winner here or we will have to go to the cards to see who comes out with their hand raised.

Everyone, Gervonta is ready to go to the ring in a few minutes and we are only waiting for the end of this fight to see him in action in Los Angeles.

Round 11 | Both fighters stand in the center of the ring to exchange blows but they already do it with very little power in the face of fatigue after 11 rounds of action.

Round 11 | Oh dad. Fundora unleashes a right wing to receive García at the start of the eleventh and the Spaniard resents the punishment on his face.

Round 10 | Fundora no longer lets García get close and works him with pure jabs to keep him as far away as possible.

Round 10 | We entered the tenth round and Fundora is already showing his arms very tired, to see if Garcia takes advantage of that to try to go home early.

Round 9 | García already begins to do a more intelligent boxing, releasing his hands and going out through his legs to avoid being hurt in the counterattack but now Fundora takes advantage of his very long arms.

Round 8 | García moves very well on the ring and is not an easy target for Fundora, who lets go of his hands but without finding the body or face of the rival.

Round 7 | Fundora continues to allow Garcia to get stuck and generate good shots, closing the seventh in a better way despite the local attempts.

Round 7 | We enter the second half of the fight and this does not have a clear direction, both fighters have taken command of the fight at different times.

Round 6 | Much, muuuuchaaaa claw of the Spanish fighter, who despite Fundora’s attacks, does not refuse to attack and continues to search for the rival, without caring that he takes punishment in the fight.

Round 6 | Again Fundora goes on the attack and García resorts to the mooring to prevent the American from generating danger.

Round 5 | Fundora’s right wing that makes the Spaniard tremble but he does not care and returns to seek the exchange so as not to lose this round.

Round 5 | It seems that Fundora’s corner asked him for more grit and he comes out on this fifth saslto releasing his hands more and forces Garcia to raise his guard to avoid the knockout.

Round 4 | The Spanish fighter again gets close to Fundora and hits a couple of short uppers that land on the Californian’s jaw.

Round 4 | Again García opens by going to the attack and forces Fundora to get into the ropes, seeking to get away from the attacks of the Spanish.

Round 3 | Fundora is still unable to get the most out of it along his arms and García looks much superior, letting go of the years better and putting the rival in trouble.

Round 2 | Fundora receives punishment and is forced to keep the guard tightly closed upstairs. Good job so far from the Spanish fighter after two rounds.

Round 2 | El Niño García gets into the melee and there he puts his hands to the face of the rival, who shows very little power in his fists.

Round 1 | Fundora unleashes punishment on the Spaniard’s body but responds with two good hands to his face at the end of a good first round.

Round 1 | The Spaniard tries to cut the difference in range and gets under the California’s hands but Fundora lets go of his hands.

Round 1 | Fundora’s impressive stature is very noticeable but let’s see if he can take advantage of it in the fight. Vaaaaaaaaaaamooooooooos with the actions from Los Angeles.

Attention Latin America, attention Spain. We are going with the semifinal fight of the night and Sebastian Fundora faces Sergio García in a Superwelter elimination.

Result of the fight: Sergiy Derevyanchenko vs Carlos Adames | Adames wins by MD

With cards of 95-95 and 96-94, the Dominican Carlos Adames takes the victory by majority decision against the Ukrainian Sergiy Derevyanchenko, who does not seem satisfied with the result.

Round 10 | It’s over. After 10 rounds of action we do not have a winner and now we must wait for the decision made by the judges.

Round 10 | We come to the tenth and last round and let’s see if it reaches the Ukrainian who has been closing better but Adames also lets go and gets into the exchange of blows.

Round 9 | The Ukrainian does not want to take the defeat and now he begins to drop shrapnel to look for the knockout but Adames looks with a metal jaw.

Round 8 | Again they start exchanging blows in the center of the ring but now both are looking for the opponent’s body to cause them to lower their hands.

Round 8 | Sergiy Derevyanchenko knows the danger of the rival and does not lower his hands at any time, because he could finish it with a single blow.

Round 7 | You can already see the fatigue of both fighters and the seventh finishes with a lower rhythm. We reached the final part of the fight with everything open.

Round 7 | Exchange of blows in the center of the ring but Adames shows a lot of resistance to punishment and endures everything that comes out of Derevyanchenko’s hands.

Round 6 | Adames closes the sixth round better, putting two good jabs in the face of the Ukrainian, who resents the punishment and goes to his corner.

Round 6 | Sergiy Derevyanchenko goes to work and starts looking for his rival, who goes out through his legs and walks around the ring to tire him and not let him connect.

Round 5 | The referee has to intervene on several occasions because the fighters tie up but at the end of the fifth they drop shrapnel again but the bell stops them.

Round 5 | Derevyanchenko bounces off his legs and joins in a great exchange of blows with the Dominican, where both come out with damage but manage to stay on their feet to continue in the fight.

Round 4 | Much desire but little precision in both fighters and the fourth round is already history in Los Angeles.

Round 4 | Adames constantly changes his guard to seek to surprise but is very cautious when letting go of his hands and does not create too much danger.

Round 3 | The Dominican seeks to generate danger with a forehand but does not reach the goal and only shaves the breeze from the Staples Center.

Round 3 | Adames must loosen his hands more and the rival looks very powerful, so he cannot let him grow in confidence as the rounds go by.

Round 2 | The mobility of Adames begins to despair of the Ukrainian, who seeks to put him against a corner and prevent him from continuing to escape.

Round 2 | The Bronco Horse moves a lot in the ring to avoid being an easy target for the rival, who tries to attack him but cannot find him and receives a counterattack.

Round 1 | The Ukrainian stands in the center, while Adames walks the ring and the first round comes to an end after being authentically studio and with very little action.

Round 1 | Both fighters start calmly but Derevyanchenko is the one who goes first, although without releasing his hands to generate danger.

Round 1 | Both fighters come to this fight with losses in their careers and after a very long presentation , the fight starts!

The actions do not stop and now we wait in the ring for the fight between Sergiy Derevyanchenko and Carlos Adames, which will be 10 rounds at middleweight.

Result of the fight: Eduardo Ramírez vs Miguel Marriaga | Ramírez wins for UD

Eduardo Ramírez vs Miguel Marriaga

By cards of 99-90, the Mexican Eduardo ‘Zurdo’ Ramírez is the one who takes the victory against Miguel Marriaga in a good fight to start the main card this Sunday.

Round 10 | Marriaga leaves the rest of his force with pure forehand but without being able to connect them in the goal and we will have to go to the judges’ cards to know the decision.

Round 10 | Ramírez releases combinations but more to keep the opponent away than to knock out.

Round 9 | The Colombian is already badly beaten but he has managed to survive and we reached the tenth and final round of the fight.

Round 9 | We are already in the ninth round and Marriaga already has one eye closed due to the blows, something that can affect him in this closing of the fight against a controlling Ramírez.

Round 8 | The fight has gotten old and with that we have lost the best blows of it but Eduardo Ramírez continues to go to the front to see if he can finish this before 10.

Round 7 | Marriaga takes confidence and lets go of good hands but without power and it seems that fatigue has hit him after seven full rounds of action.

Round 7 | Ramírez slows down the fight at the beginning of the seventh because he knows that he is very high on the cards in a fight where perhaps he just hasn’t won the first round.

Round 6 | His arms are beginning to feel tired but the Mexican fighter continues to be far superior to a Marriaga with a lot of will but with little punch.

Round 6 | Marriaga wants to bring some water to her mill and begins the sixth with good attacks but it seems that it does not cause damage to Ramírez, who responds immediately.

Round 5 | Ramírez’s left wing that hits the opponent’s face squarely but is still standing, despite all the punishment he has received. The fifth is history.

Round 5 | The Mexican stands in the center of the ring and seems to be waiting for the rival to catch him on the counterattack and look for the knockout.

Round 4 | Three good rights from Ramírez to close the fourth round but Marriaga does not want to give up and remains on his feet by sheer will.

Round 4 | Hot start to the fourth round and again both shots are crossed but the Mexican is the one who has gained in confidence and is the one who hits the best shots.

Round 3 | Here nobody wants to lose and it is clear, because all the rounds have ended in exchange on the part of both. At the end of this third Marriaga goes to the canvas but manages to get up and is saved again by the bell.

Round 3 | Again it is the South American who takes the reins of the fight at the beginning of the third but lacks precision to be able to generate damage to the Aztec fighter.

Round 2 | Eduardo Ramírez gains confidence and begins to release combinations, leaving Miguel tied by the hands, who manages to survive the end of the second round thanks to the bell.

Round 2 | Marriaga puts less technique on him but tries to generate an early knockout based on a pure right wing, putting the Mexican to the ropes and stopping his attacks.

Round 2 | Ramírez knows that the first round was not his and goes to the second with more enthusiasm, making good contacts but Marriaga closes the guard to avoid being hurt.

Round 1 | Marriaga, despite being older, is the one who goes to the front in the first round and seeks to put the Mexican fighter on the ropes, who responds with little power.

The actions are seconds away from kicking off and the first fight we have is Eduardo Ramírez vs. Miguel Marriaga, a 10-round elimination bout at featherweight.

The Staples Center, ready for the fight

The home of the Lakers and Clippers, the Staples Center, is now ready to receive all the fans who will gather to watch the fight in which Mexico will seek to snatch one more title from the United States.

Result of the fight: Vaughn Alexander vs Luis Arias | Alexander wins for UD

The actions have begun and in the preliminary card, the veteran Vaughn Alexander gave the surprise when prevailing by unanimous decision in 10 rounds to Luis Arias, one of those managed by Floyd Mayweather.

Cruz arrives motivated to the clash against the Tank

The Chilango Pitbull Cruz arrives in a big plan, winning 11 fights in a row and his last appearance was defeating Bandido Vargas by unanimous decision at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas,

Gervonta Davis, the last great knockout

We are facing one of the greatest promises of world boxing and that is that Gervonta Davis not only has great style, he has been consummated as a great knockout, something that there is less and less. In 25 professional fights, Tank has managed to knock out 24 times, which speaks to his punching power.

The Pitbull Cruz does not see it impossible to beat Gervonta

“In the end, it will be up to Gervonta Davis to demonstrate his potential superstar status in the ring. For me, personally, it is not an impossible mountain to climb. He is not impossible to dethrone either,” declared the Mexican fighter before this fight.

Floyd Mayweather launches himself against Gervonta’s naysayers

“I love it. I love his team. I want the best for him. But it ‘s crazy how all the media always make fun of him, talk bad about him. And it’s so bad that they do this just for me, for me. And that’s it, and I honestly feel like that’s bullshit, they just do this to this kid. He goes out, he fights, he wins, he does it in an impressive way, “stated controversial Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Who is the favorite and how much do the bets pay?

The sportsbooks widely favor Gervonta Davis with a -900 , while the Mexican has a +500 .

This was the weigh-in of Gervonta vs Pitbull

This Saturday we had an intense weigh-in ceremony between Gervonta Davis and Pitbull Cruz, where the Tank lost the papers and ended up pushing the Mexican. Gervonta stopped the scale at 134 1 / 2lbs, while the Mexican stopped it at 134 1 / 4lbs.

Who is the ‘Pitbull’ Cruz, the challenger of Gervonta Davis for the lightweight title?

Who is the 'Pitbull' Cruz, the challenger of Gervonta Davis for the lightweight title?

The Mexican has established himself as one of the most important promises in Mexican boxing. In 24 fights, he has amassed a 23-1-1 record, with 15 wins coming by knockout.

Cruz, who was born in Mexico City, has broken into the lightweight division in a big way. This year he has fought twice and has taken both wins on the cards, one of them in June against Francisco Vargas. While this December 5 will finally have his first opportunity for the scepter that Davis owns.

The ‘Pitbull’ has a height of 1.63 meters and a reach of 160 centimeters, while its rival measures six centimeters more and has a superior reach of up to 1.71 meters. However, the 23-year-old hopes to shorten Davis’ distance to connect directly to the soft zones and take advantage of a fly, as he sought to do in his last fight.

Prediction for today’s fight

We are sure that we will have a great fight and that is that Gervonta Davis comes out as the great favorite because of all the history that he brings behind, although a Mexican who takes the fight as a pinch-off can never be considered dead, there is the case of Andy Ruiz before Anthony Joshua.

Complete billboard of the Davis vs Cruz function

– Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis vs. Isaac Cruz ; light weight.

– Sebastian Fundora vs Sergio Garcia ; Superwelter.

– Sergiy Derevyanchenko vs. Carlos Adames ; medium weight.

– Eduardo Ramírez vs Miguel Marriaga ; Featherweight.

Time and Channel to see the Davis vs Cruz fight

The fight can be seen through Showtime PPV in the United States at 8:00 p.m. ET, 5:00 p.m. PT, but here we will bring you everything completely live so you don’t miss a single detail.

Hello Hello hello. Good afternoon and welcome, tonight we have top-of-the-line boxing, as Gervonta Davis puts his WBA light belt on the line against the Mexican Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz.

This is one of the most anticipated fights at the end of 2021, as it marks the return of Gervonta, one of the greatest promises of the American box, to the professional rings.

The undercard is scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m. from Mexico City, 8:00 p.m. ET and 5:00 p.m. PT from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

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