Kimi Räikkönen says goodbye to Formula 1 circuits.

One of the most prolific, talented and milestone drivers in Formula 1 is retiring from racing, ending more than 25 years of driving. Kimi Räikkönen says goodbye to the circuits, after finishing the 2021 season .

The 2021 F1 season has undoubtedly stopped talking about, Max Verstappen was crowned world champion, ending a streak of victories that Lewis Hamilton was lifting . Added to this are the continuing controversies in many races, in addition to the return of Fernando Alonso, the new Aston Martin team and now the withdrawal of Räikkönen.

After concluding with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Räikkönen will bid farewell to Formula 1 after a long and successful career. In 19 seasons the Finn won the world championship in 2007 with Ferrari , and will now complete his last race in the United Arab Emirates with Alfa Romeo.

Kimi caused a furor for many years, as he was one of the most mature and experienced drivers in racing, who at 42 years old taught many promising circuit players, especially his teammate Antonio Giovinazzi , who was able to enjoy with him of pleasant moments.

They call it the end of an era, and it should be noted that this is not the first time that he has retired from the slopes, but it is surely the definitive one. And it is that the Finn had an absence of 3 years between 2009 and 2012 , in which I enjoy competing in Rally and Nascar, and then return with the Lotus team and show what a great driver he is. You will certainly be missed, and we hope you enjoy your retirement.

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