The victim stated that an unknown person got out of a red car and, after asking him if he knew “Alex”, detonated his weapon at least 4 times, injuring him in the arm

At dawn this Sunday a young man was the victim of a bullet attack by a hooded stranger, which happened in the vicinity of the Mezquite neighborhood and which is already being investigated by corporations in San Luis Río Colorado.

In context, around 5:20 am today, the emergency number around a person injured with a firearm was reported, a situation that mobilized elements of the Municipal Public Security Directorate and, acting as first responders, they encountered the affected, Ángel Alonso “N”, 22 years old, who at first glance had two wounds on his left arm.

Once interviewed by the agents stationed on Hortensias “B” avenue, at the height of 17th Street, the affected person commented that a red sedan-type vehicle was parked outside his home and when checking the place a man got out of the car carrying ski mask.

In that sense, he said that the stranger asked if he knew a certain “Alex”, but from one moment to another he pulled out a firearm that detonated at least four times, wounding the young man in his limb twice.


Immediately, upon seeing that the attacker drew what appeared to be a small-caliber squad-type pistol, Ángel Alonso “N” sought refuge inside his home, running as far as he could inside to save his life.

Later, the attacker fled to an unknown destination, aboard the red sedan-type car, about which the victim could not specify further information.

The attacked man presented two holes in his left arm, for which he was treated medically; once the experts arrived at the scene, the evidence was collected, managing to find four short weapon casings.

Regarding the reasons for the attack, until press time, the victim said he did not know them. Likewise, the identity of his attacker is unknown, which is already being investigated by the corporations in this city.

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