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From reigning in Europe and England to questioning its end. The trident made up of Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino and Mo Salah is receiving criticism due to the lack of a goal in recent weeks.

Without a goal, the victories are stuck. Since 0-7 at Crystal Palace just a month ago, the Reds drew 1-1 against West Brom, 0-0 against Newcastle and lost against Southampton, without scoring a goal against Hasenhüttl’s. They sinned the same in the derby against Manchester United. Solskajer raised the wall and the Klopp boys were not able to break it. Opportunities, yes, they were not lacking.

Several had theirs but Firmino, the two best. The Brazilian was not able to solve effectively in either of the two and this, now, is at the center of criticism. So much so that Jamie Carragher, the legendary captain of Liverpool and now a commentator on Sky Sports, says that if he had to break the trident it would be on the Brazilian side. “I am confident that Mane and Salah will score again but I am worried about Firmino. He has never been the scorer, as it is the responsibility of the other two, but he has to be there to help. When they’re not scoring, it has to be a bigger threat. “says the former English defender.

For Carragher, Firmino will be the first to leave Liverpool to rebuild the attack with a new element. According to him, his level is dropping. “At the level of the game it has dropped and also at the level of pressure. I do not mean this season, also the previous one when he won the League. I was already worried and wondered if I could turn it around. He is the one that worries me the most and, if one of them had to leave before the others, I think it would be Firmino. Sooner or later, that trident will break “, he emphasizes.

Your data has been on the decline. His best season was signed in 17/18 with 27 goals and 17 assists although he was left without a prize in the Champions League final against Real Madrid. In 18/19 they triumphed in Europe but their numbers suffered with 16 goals and eight goal passes, although they triumphed as the glue of both ends. In 19/20, he scored 12 goals and 13 assists to win the Premier League and this season, he has just five goals and three passes, all in the Premier League.

Carragher puts his finger on the age (“Any attacker no longer plays as well at the end of the 20”) and the numbers point to you. The trident between the Africans and the Brazilian that has brought so many joys to Anfield is under examination..

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