“The mob was fed with lies,” said the influential legislator in a speech in the Senate

Washington. US President Donald Trump “sparked” the mob that attacked the Capitol on January 6 as Congress certified
Democrat Joe Biden’s electoral victory , outgoing Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday .

“The mob was fed with lies,” the influential legislator said in a speech in the Senate. 

“They were provoked by the president and other powerful people,” added McConnell, a staunch Trump ally for four years.

In recent days, federal auditors in the United States began a broad review of how the FBI, Pentagon and other law enforcement agencies responded to the assault on the Capitol by a mob of supporters of President Donald Trump, even if there were problems in the flow of information and other preparations that left the building, a historical symbol of democracy, vulnerable to violence.

The investigations, led by inspectors general from the departments of Justice, Homeland Security, the Interior and Defense, carry the potential for strong criticism of the government’s handling of the fatal raid on Capitol Hill, in which Trump supporters, some armed , overwhelmed the police and were in close contact with elected officials, including, The Washington Post reported that the rioters were very close to Vice President Mike Pence.

According to the outlet, about a minute after the vice president was pulled out of space and into a nearby room, pro-Trump supporters reached the top of a nearby landing.

Investigations by federal authorities will range from whether the FBI adequately shared information with other law enforcement agencies about the potential for violence to how the Pentagon mobilized for the January 6 crisis.

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