This is how Jessica Cediel responded to those who say that She is very Thin

This is how Jessica Cediel responded to those who say that She is very Thin

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Jessica Cediel, A host and model, she is one of the most controversial entertainment figures in the country. Due to her suffering with biopolymers and her love relationships, the Bogota woman has always given something to talk about on social networks.

Now, the presenter of ‘Bingos Felices’ affirms that she receives criticism regarding her weight and emphasizes that it is not always what it seems, giving an example of not inferring things from what is seen in the main media about the famous.

According to Cediel, in networks they denote their low weight and thinness, for which the model revealed a phenomenon in her body that would force her to have a small figure. “They don’t know what it costs me to gain weight and gain muscle mass”, He affirmed through his stories on Instagram, emphasizing that what he eats does not influence his appearance.

Ay Jessi, you look very skinny. You ran out of legs, you ran out of tail, you are sucked in the face, blah, blah, blah. In other words, people limit themselves to judging and pointing out, and they have no idea what happens in real life ”, and added that fortunately or, in this case unfortunately, it is very difficult for her to gain weight.

“People do not imagine what I drink”, confessed Cediel, speaking of those who infer that the model is under a regimen to lose weight that is as thin as critics claim. Some of her strongest detractors even compare her to “A 13-year-old girl”, just as he confessed in the stories.

“Regardless of how we see ourselves in front of the eyes of others, then do not judge so lightly because one does not know what is the process that the other person is going through”, the actress reflected, referring to her problem.

The ex-boyfriend compares himself to Pipe Bueno

Mack Roesch, Cediel’s ex-boyfriend, shared an image that put him at the center of controversy again by posting an image comparing himself to the singer and the presenter’s ex-partner, Pipe Bueno.

The American surprised his followers by saying that he was honored to look like him physically. “I am honored to seem like a true gentleman #LucecomoPipeBueno, now I just need to learn to sing, but first to speak Spanish”, wrote the stranger.

In the image you can see a photo of Pipe Bueno on the left, who is now the father of a child with influencer Luisa Fernanda W, and on the right Mack. In the comments, users are read to tell you to seek therapy and to “It really was so hard for him to break up, he doesn’t know how to attract attention; But reaching this extreme is already the limit of his lack of respect ”. The image that the American shared already reaches 3,800 likes and more than 1,300 comments.


The presenter has had a long history with Roesch, whom she has repeatedly denounced for various reasons, including for entering her home in Miami without permission and because she felt harassed by him.

In November, Cediel filed a new legal action against the man for libel, slander and harassment because, according to her, he defamed her on social networks and, allegedly, charged the media for talking about her.

All this happened because Mack and Jessica got engaged in January 2020 and, at the end, she stayed in Colombia with the ring that, according to the American, cost $ 27,000 (plus 97 million pesos). Regarding this, Cediel stated on several occasions that he planned to return the ring, but with the recovery of the biopolymer processes and the quarantine, he had not been able to return to Miami to give it to him.

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