Cody Rhodes Hell in a Cell Official Announcement Published by WWE

Cody Rhodes Hell in a Cell Official Announcement Published by WWE

WWE has released an official announcement regarding Cody Rhodes’ injury. The statement confirmed that Cody Rhodes will continue with his planned match against Seth Rollins at Hell in a cell.

It was previously reported that The American Nightmare had been injured at a match in Champaign, Illinois. He then further exacerbated the injury while lifting weights, resulting in a torn pec. WWE confirmed the news on the Hell in a Cell Kickoff show. They tweeted that Rhodes’ tendon tore completely while he was training for the match against The Visionary.

The official announcement said:

…Rhodes suffered a partially torn right pectoral tendon during a fight with Rollins this past Monday on RAW. Rhodes kept this very secret, but on Friday, while he was doing weight training in preparation for his match, the tendon tore completely from the bone. However, being the man and competitor that he is, Rhodes has vowed to face Rollins inside Hell in a Cell tonight.

RIP: @CodyRhodes suffered a partially torn right pectoral tendon during a fight with @WWERollins this past monday #WWERaw. While preparing for weight training, the tendon was completely torn from the bone. However, Rhodes promised to stay inside. #HIAC tonight.

The intense violence typically inflicted inside the cell could further mar Rhodes’ body. Although it is confirmed that he will continue with the pain, the WWE Universe will surely be concerned for his well-being.

Could a Cody Rhodes injury change the outcome of the game?

Cody Rhodes has a long night ahead of him. He confronts Seth Freakin Rollins inside the cell with a ripped chest piece that he needs to protect. Cell fights have been known to become increasingly brutal for anyone who enters the menacing steel structure. This injury will surely make things more difficult for the grandson of a plumber than they already are.

However, it could also make things a lot easier for Rollins. This injury has become a focal point for The King Slayer’s goal. It seems that The Architect will be looking to make quick work of Rhodes and end this rivalry. These unfortunate circumstances could provide an opportunity for Rollins, sending him on a renewed path after Hell in a Cell.

Rollins is already the favorite to win the match. Cody already has 2 wins over The Visionary, and Seth must win. It will be interesting to see the direction this match takes and if this intense feud between them comes to an end.

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