That’s it ! After a few days of teasing and preparation, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 came to an end this weekend! The Impact took place on Saturday evening, after which a long maintenance ensued. But now, place to a whole new atmosphere, uh, season.

Zero Point has taken a different direction, the forces of the IO have been decimated, the map reshaped, and we are far from the tensions between the Seven and the Imaginary Order. So everyone seems very relaxed within Fortnite, but there’s a new threat hanging over them. As always, this Relax season comes with a big update, which adds locations, weapons, events, skins, quests and a new battle pass.

Summer party and magical gardening

So we start with the changes to the map, since the West of the map now has giant mushrooms, caves, geysers, all with a purple dominance. A fairly onyric atmosphere for this area, carried by the Tree of Reality, which also offers interiors, and which, through its “powers”, allows players to riding and shooting from mounts (boars and wolves).

This tree also produces seeds, which can be planted to improve your loot but be careful, it will be necessary to maintain the seed and the growth to reach a certain level. The season being also that of the party, the Cavern has been refurbished in a nightclub, while the top of the relief is now occupied by a thrill ride! The opportunity to find the mobile bubbles, which can now be used on the water.

Other Changes to the Map, Battle Pass, and Additions to Remember

Dusty Depot and The Shark are back, and the Foundation statue has had a…facelift. In the South, and this is surely one of the points to watch, we find Loot Lake at the bottom of which we find Point Zero, which is no longer protected. A lot of change in short, and we invite you to consult the image opposite to realize it. Besides a new Lobby, we obviously find the new seasonal questswhich, as always, will take place throughout the season, which will go until September 17. These are the quests that advance the general scenario. The opportunity to start making many theories about what will happen next.

Epic doesn’t forget the daily quests either, as well as the new battle pass, which notably contains… Dark Vador ! We were almost sure of his arrival after a big leak which also revealed the presence d’Indiana Jones, but it is now confirmed. Small precision however, Indiana Jones will not arrive until later in the season. So don’t panic if you can’t get it yet!

Other notable skins and characters for the season are: Evie and Micmac, Adira, Stormwalker, Malik, Sabina. We quickly pass over the addition of Hammer, Two-shot Pump or Sniper rifles to mention the return of tornadoes, the increased damage inflicted by the stormand that of the royal crowns for the most victorious players.

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