Atlético is the team that has worsened the most from one year to the next in LaLiga if we stick to the numbers. Last season Simeone’s team had 41 points and now they have 29. The difference is very large and makes it difficult for the rojiblanco team to win the league title again.

Atlético have already had three defeats in the competition: Alavés, Mallorca and Real Madrid, two in a row. Last season they lost four games throughout the season. The difference is abysmal.

Atlético have not been well in this third of the season, but they have yet to close the great goal of the season. The Madrid team has a great goal to be among the top four, which is what he feeds Atlético. What makes it possible to sign top-level footballers and maintain a competitive squad.

To be among the top four is the great challenge and Atlético has to close that goal as soon as possible. Although no one says it in an open way, winning the League right now is seen as impossible. Although nobody wants to go beyond the game to game.

Atlético is fourth, with 29 points. Betis is third, with 33. Sevilla, second, with 34. Behind the rojiblancos are Real Sociedad, with the same points, and Rayo, with 27. Atlético have to play a game against Granada next day 22. Then it will catch up.

Precisely the end of 2021 is not easy for Atlético. This next Saturday he will play against Sevilla, at the Pizjuán, in one of the most complicated outings of the season. Sevilla is the only one that seems to be following in the wake of Real Madrid. And later he will play against Granada.

Atlético have lost two of the three away games and they need to win a victory so as not to leave at the end of the year without fulfilling the great objective.

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