After weeks of speculation, the Peruvian actress Stephanie Cayo confirmed – through social networks – her romance with her Spanish partner Maximiliano Iglesias.

In an Instagram post, which is accompanied by three photographs of the couple, Cayo noted that everything that comes from love is beautiful.

“Your face is beautiful, your eyes are for writing a poem, what you show a dream and what we all know you can do. But the most incredible thing of all … that not many people are lucky enough to know, is everything you don’t show, what you carry inside, which is infinitely more beautiful (as if that were possible)”, it reads in the post.

Also, the actress revealed that “they love each other in shady places feeding the soul with a beautiful friendship, and they touch their hearts with a love that does not require a single explanation”. “You are a gift, Maximiliano. And the present is that. A gift”.

It should be remembered that last week, Maxi Iglesias also published some photographs with Stephanie stating that she is much more than a friend.

“The British philosopher Francis Bacon said that friendship doubles joys and divides anguish in half. If ‘whoever has a friend has a treasure’ then, when it is much more than a friend, what is there more than a treasure?”

The actors met during the filming of “Backpackers”, the first Netflix film produced in Peru by the Tondero company. Last November, Stephanie Cayo told Trade which was in a flowering stage.

If I am currently in love, if I have an affair with Maxi Iglesias? That I cannot answer you. I am in a flowering stage. I have spent many things this year, I have learned a lot from myself, I learned to look at myself, to love myself, to be my best friend, to enjoy my company, my time alone, I have focused on my work”, she pointed out.

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