“My world champion”: Kelly Piquet, the Brazilian model who has conquered Max Verstappen

She was one of the first people he was quick to hug after his spectacular duel with Hamilton. Max Verstappen, crowned Formula 1 world champion, after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, celebrated his victory with Kelly Piquet.

“My world champion,” she wrote on her Instagram account, along with a selfie of the couple that her thousands of followers liked.

Kelly was born on December 7 of 1988 in Hamburg, she is the daughter of Nelson Piquet, a former Brazilian driver who won three Formula 1 world championships in the 1980s, and of the Dutch model Sylvia Tamsma.

Most of her childhood was spent in the south of France and she moved to Brazil when she was 12 years old. She studied in New York and finished her studies with a degree in International Relations with a specialization in Political Science and Economics.

In the United States she began to have a public profile, writing as a columnist for Marie Claire magazine. Kelly’s relationship and Max started after her break up with another F1 driver: Russian Daniil Kvyat. Their love story began in 2017 and ended in March 2020. As a result of this relationship, their daughter Penelope was born in July 2019.

Kelly’s Instagram profile is littered with old photos of her father, whom she regularly pays tribute to.

But above all, it is full of images with the new world champion.

Her love affair with the 24-year-old pilot would have started in October 2020. The couple formalized their relationship three months later, on January 1, through two Instagram posts.

“Happy New Year everyone,” writes Max Verstappen in the caption in which they pose in a bathing suit on a beach in Brazil, the young woman’s country of origin.

“Let’s make 2021 a year that we will remember in many ways. I wish you success, love and joy for having found myself.” Since then, Kelly has accompanied the pilot on all circuits in the world, from Milan to Sochi, via Monte Carlo and Arabia.

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