Miguel Ponce, Chivas defender, put his fingers in Henry Martín’s eyes and the América forward ended up on the grass, with the players of both teams pushing and shoving. It was only yellow.

Jorge Sánchez, defender of the Eagles, struck a rival with the palm of his hand in the middle of another outbreak of anger and was saved from being punished, after receiving a hard tackle from Cristian Calderón, who had to be expelled.

That was the most intense after a week peppered with statements from both sides, and America and Chivas did not hurt themselves on the field with 0-0 after 90 minutes of one more edition of the maximum Classic of Mexican football.

The result corresponding to the tenth date of the Apertura 2021 serves the Eagles to stay for now alone at the head of the championship.

America has 21 points, while the Red Devils accumulate one less and are second.

Chivas, who surprised by firing his coach Víctor Manuel Vucetich, reached 14 points and was placed in seventh position.

Guadalajara was directed by Marcelo Michel Leaño, who will be the interim while the team’s leadership appoints a definitive strategist.

The meeting started with a slight dominance of the Eagles that generated the first dangerous play with a header from Colombian Roger Martínez that crashed into a defender in the small area.

Chivas responded with attempts by Alexis Vega, the first at 10 and then at 22, when an error by Mauro Lainez left the Chivas striker facing goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa, but he tried a cross that was rejected by a defender.

América had another shot on goal when Salvador Reyes cheered up with a mid-distance shot that was stopped by goalkeeper Raúl Gudiño.

The Eagles returned to generate danger with a shot from Henry Martín at 62, but Gudiño was attentive to contain the attempt.

América approached the goal again at 81 with a header from Paraguayan Bruno Valdez, but Gudiño sent it to a corner kick.

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