WhatsApp will allow you to choose who can see if you are connected

WhatsApp will allow you to choose who can see if you are connected

The latest novelty in which WhatsApp works is to let you select the contacts that will be able to see your last connection time and if you are online.

whatsapp last seen
whatsapp last seen

WhatsApp has become such a popular tool that it is, de facto, the form of communication that is assumed for everyone. Finding a person in Spain who does not use WhatsApp under the age of 60 or 70 is really complicated, which implies a certain form of control.

At first, the application allowed contacts to know when the last moment we had connected had been, but that changed little by little since that function was used to spy on people and caused more problems than joy.

WhatsApp will let you choose who sees you online

The last of the functions the company is working on will allow more granular control of that possibility. We will be able to choose which people, from our contacts, can see what our last connection time was, as well as whether or not we are online at a specific time.

In this way, it is possible to use this function, which can be useful on some occasions, especially with trusted people, and it prevents strangers or potentially problematic people from having access to that information.

As you can see in the filtered image, the application will allow you to choose which group of users will be able to see the last connection time, something that we already had available . When we configure that we will have the opportunity to use that same filtering to allow those people to see if we are online or not .

However, if we prefer, we can completely disable someone from seeing if we are connected, in the same way that we can prevent anyone from knowing what time we last connected.

As expected, these filters work in both directions, and if we prevent someone from seeing our connection time or if we are connected, we will not be able to see that data from the other person either.

For now this function is under development, and it is expected that it will arrive in a few weeks in the beta version and a little later in the stable version.

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