The instant messaging application WhatsApp is one of the most widely used today thanks to its versatility, since it allows you to share images, photos, videos and various multimedia files with friends, family and co-workers in addition to traditional text messages.

Also, for greater comfort, this service not only has a version for iPhone and  Android , but it is also possible to use it from your laptop or desktop computer through WhatsApp Web.

Through this option, it is possible to chat , send GIFs, videos, photos and other content, even from a larger device than a cell phone or tablet.

However, by having a larger screen, there may be a temptation for other people (such as in a cyber cafe or the office) to glance at your screen and see what you chatted with one of your contacts.

This is when the need arises to keep conversations safe . If this is your case, don’t worry, because with this trick you can keep your conversations safe and without worrying that third parties can see it.

How to hide your conversations on WhatsApp Web?

The secret to increasing the security and privacy of your chats on WhatsApp Web is to download an extension for Google Chrome.

These are the instructions to take care of your privacy in WhatsApp Web :

Access the Chrome Web Store, where the WA Web Plus extension is available.
Once found, press the “Add to Chrome ” button, this will install the extension in your browser.
Once installed, you will see an icon next to the navigation bar, with a + symbol inside a circle.
Now you can access WhatsApp Web from the browser. Then press the WA Web Plus
“+” icon to bring up a menu where you can apply various enhancements.

The extension is in English, however, it is not an impediment to apply some settings such as Blur recent messages, Blur contacts names and Blur contacts photos.

By activating these options, despite having the application open and visible on your computer screen , data, contact photos, and chat messages will not be visible .

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