Mark Zuckerberg seems busy with his Metavers story, but he’s also been busy with his instant messaging app. Privacy is in the spotlight with the evolution of the option to choose who can see the mention “seen at”, and many other things.

WhatsApp: even more privacy choices

After a whole list of improvements that have arrived over the past few months, here is the Whatsapp privacy feature once again getting a new addition. In the privacy section, it is now possible to select who among our contacts will not have the right to see:

  • The “Seen at” option: it lets your contact know when you have read their message
  • Profile photo: the one you define and which is automatically displayed when a conversation is started from a phone number
  • News: these are the updates you make to your profile
  • Groups: the possibility for one of your contacts to add you to groups
  • Status: the possibility of knowing if you are online or not

To find this setting, simply go to the “Settings” tab at the bottom right, then choose “Account”, then select “Privacy”. You will be able to choose which option to modify. You will see appear the new section “My contacts except…”. The app instantly updates every change.

A simple improved function therefore allows a whole bunch of new choices. For each option, you can individually select which contact(s) deserve or not to have details about you in the Whatsapp app.

Confidentiality, one of the many points being improved at WhatsApp

It is true that nowadays Whatsapp is becoming more and more used in favor of the simple phone number. And with the latter, it is directly possible to access someone’s Whatsapp profile, even if they are not known. More privacy-related features are therefore welcome.

In recent months, there have been countless changes made to the messaging application. For example, we can finally mute people in group calls, or react to messages with emojis. It should soon be possible to edit a message after it has been sent.

But that’s not all. One can now transfer all one’s Whatsapp content from iPhone to Android smartphone. It was a real hassle until now.

Meta seems to compete with its own applications. Between Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Instagram messaging, the three are drastically different, even if Whatsapp remains the only one not linked to any app and must be the best.

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