Twitter has a function that allows users to subscribe to the results of the searches you perform on the red social, so that they receive a notification every time a new tweet is published with a keyword of their choice.

This option has been developed under the name ‘Search Subscribe’, although it is not yet known if it will really reach all users.

This particular feature was recently spotted by the developer, Dylan Roussel, who shared some screenshots on Twitter. From what you can see in the image that appears in the search section of the app y it is identified by the bell icon to the right of the browser.

Therefore, by entering what you want to find and clicking on this option, users would be notified of new posts that include the selected terms.

However, it should be noted that is not active yet. Roussel found it on the Alpha version of Twitter and was only able to force it on, but with different results. Although she has indicated that she can configure subscriptions for a certain search result has never received a corresponding notification.

And it is not surprising that this happens, since it is not yet known if the search log is a purely experimental feature or if it has a future with the public.

If there is something that has been seen in recent years, it is that Twitter has a tendency to test certain features with a small number of users, or in certain operating systemsbefore launching them to make the final decision to continue or not.

Therefore, users may have to wait a long time before seeing this new tool in action.

The answer will depend on the use of social networks of each user, the customization of this new option and the specificity of the search terms in which the user wishes to register.

After all, what Twitter offers here is nothing more than its own version of Twitter Alerts. Google. With all the good things and all the bad things that this has.

From what has been seen so far and given the lack of official information on the matter, it can be imagined that The platform wants to provide a way to follow up on trending topics or those that have the potential to be. Although many people may find it useful to search for more relevant topics without constantly tweeting.

Of course, the idea of ​​getting a push notification for every new tweet that matches a search result It’s always been a bit intimidating. Whether Twitter really intends to tackle them individually or combines multiple search results into a single message to avoid overload remains to be seen.

But we have to go back to what was mentioned above, it is a function whose final destination is not guaranteed; so you can’t even see it in action, especially with the changes the company is making to its product development strategy.

1. From cell press on the profile photo icon.

2. Click on Settings and privacy.

3. Tap on Bill.

4. Click on Deactivate account.

Immediately a warning appears indicating that starts a period of 30 days in which there is time to reactivate the service, otherwise it will be completely removed.

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