After a long wait, Twitter has started internally testing the long-awaited function to edit tweets. However, the option will not reach the general public anytime soon.

The button to edit tweets is, by far, the function that users most demand from Twitter , and the social network has not turned a deaf ear. The platform announced that, as of today, it is testing this new option internally , which is also available for a small group of accounts. And it is expected that in the coming weeks its availability will be extended to more people.

But don’t get too excited, as the tweet editing tool will only be accessible to Twitter Blue subscribers . This means that not only will you have to pay to use it, but it will also be restricted to a handful of countries. Specifically, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

If you wonder when it will reach the rest of the users of the social network, at the moment there is no news. In fact, it is still unknown if Twitter plans to keep the option to edit tweets exclusive to those who use the paid version of the service, or if at some point its presence will expand to the majority of their accounts.

As explained by Twitter, during the testing period, users will be able to edit their tweets several times, but they will be limited by time. The edit will only be available within 30 minutes of its publication , and there will be a public record of all changes made.

The social network has commented that the edited tweets will include an icon, a timestamp that will show when it was last modified and a label that will inform that it is no longer the original. By tapping on the latter, you can see the edition history, which allows you to compare all the previous versions of the publication and contextualize them.

Due to how Twitter has expressed itself in relation to this long-awaited function, it is possible that the final version of the tool to edit tweets will undergo some other change , if necessary. In any case, we will have to wait for the days to pass to see if the utility is accepted and works as desired.

Users have long asked Twitter to include an option to edit their tweets. However, only this year the company decided to take this possibility seriously. Complaints about the impossibility of correcting spelling errors were among the most heard —or read, actually— on this topic.

The main concern of the social network was to find a way to incorporate this tool, but taking precautions to prevent it from being used to make “malicious changes” to the original publications. This is how the rumors about the possibility of including a limitation based on time began.

Twitter had already started addressing a similar option in Twitter Blue, though the same was meant to unpost a tweet , rather than edit it. Another striking fact was that even Elon Musk expressed himself about the need to have a button to edit tweets. Let’s not forget that, after his brief arrival on the board of directors of Twitter, the tycoon conducted a survey among his millions of followers asking whether or not they wanted such an option.

Shortly after, the social network confirmed that it was working on the feature . However, he assured that the project was in the folder since before the truncated arrival of the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX to the company .

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