“There are activist accounts suspended from Twitter due to leaked information about Russia. Twitter is a company based in the United States, it makes no sense to censor our campaigns that aim to target a country responsible for war crimes against Ukraine ». The @YourAnonNews account published this comment and took sides against the policy that Twitter would have followed in the last few days. According to the hacker collective Anonymous, the social network would have closed the accounts of some activists who had released data related to Russian institutions. It is not clear which episode is referring to but the most likely hypothesis is that the cyberactivists are talking about the 28 Gb of data stolen from the Russian central bank . The data theft dates back to March 24but the diffusion started yesterday. The Hackread blog went through the archive and found internal bank communications, private customer records, licenses, and even communications with other banks.

Anonymous explained that it will go ahead with its operations: “Anonymous will continue to destroy the Russian government servers until the Russian troops leave Ukraine”. The official reasons why Twitter has decided to close the accounts linked to the hacker collective are not known but it is likely that the problem is precisely in the publication of personal data. Twitter Cto Parag Agrawal had recalled in recent days what the guidelines wereof the platform in this conflict. Among these was also “protecting people’s privacy and security”. The leak of information on the central bank is just the latest in a series of actions that have helped to disclose the personal data of Russian citizens. Prior to this action, activists had attacked the servers of the Moscow Ministry of Defense and those of the Moscow Nuclear Security Institute .

Anonymous’s Twitter account network

The Twitter account mentioned in this and other articles on Anonymous is @YourAnonNews. In the galaxy of this hacker collective it is the voice with the most following, given that it is now close to 8 million followers . Despite the numbers, it cannot be called the official rumor. In fact, Anonymous does not have more important channels on paper than others: anyone can appropriate the Guy Fawkes mask and spread their actions. For how many accounts can close the Twitter moderators, it is therefore difficult to block the dissemination on the platform of the links that contain the spoils of Anonymous actions. Especially at a time when the collective’s moves have a wide media coverage.

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