Enrique Pinti died at the age of 82.

Enrique Pinti Died at the Age of 82

Enrique Pinti He died during the early hours of this Sunday, at the age of 82, at the Otamendi Sanatorium, as confirmed to Infobae theater impresario Carlos Rottemberg and Cipe Fridman, friend and assistant of the comedian. The artist, who in recent years had been coping with severe diabetes and circulatory problems in his legs, has also experienced depression since the coronavirus pandemic began. With his death, a symbol of Argentine humor of the last 50 years is said goodbye, which shaped like no one else the misadventures of our country in the emblematic show Creole saucewith which he bordered on 3,000 performances, making several generations of Argentines laugh and think.

On March 5, Enrique had been admitted to the Otamendi Sanatorium due to health complications. From that moment, everything was secrecy around the actor, until in the last few hours the concern invaded his relatives and spread to the entire artistic community, which was kept in suspense until learning of his sad outcome. as far as he could tell Teleshow, during these three weeks the health of the actor was changing. After spending a week in intensive care, he was transferred to a common room, where as the days went by, his delicate painting experienced advances and setbacks. Until in one of the critical moments, his body got tired of fighting and said enough.

Owner of a verbiage and a histrionics that made them a trademark, in his last shows Pinti had no longer been able to demonstrate the deployment of other times. To the point that, far from the dances and costume changes that characterized him, he ended up offering his monologues sitting at a desk and standing up only to greet his audience at the end of the show. “I have a problem with my legs, I have no stability, I fall to one side and the other, I have fallen 50 times. I didn’t break my knee because I have stronger bones than I don’t know what. In one eye I have an inoperable obstruction and in the other I also see little. So, I have this, the other, I laugh and say: “My health is very good”, because, For me, being in good health means being in a good head”told about it and with his usual style, to this medium in an interview in September 2020.

Pinti’s health ended up cracking from the covid-19 restrictions that were imposed back in March 2020. In addition to the lack of work, Enrique he also couldn’t keep up with his weekly routine of meeting up with his group of friends at the restaurant Edelweiss, where he had a table reserved for him. At first, he was able to get around the drama of the lockdown with one of his favorite hobbies, which over time turned into a passion: watching movies. But the passage of time, added to his condition as a risk patient, took its toll on his body and his soul.

Without his work routine and with his social agenda closed by the coronavirus, Enrique would have begun to fall into a state of sadness, which some came to classify as depression. And, although he performed some shows via streaming next to the journalist Marcelo Polino To be able to maintain his income in the midst of the strict quarantine at the beginning of the pandemic, the situation would have affected him both mentally and physically. However, until his last public appearances, he continued to show his lucidity and his sharp look at society and politics.

Enrique Pinti was 82 years old.

since you saw the mark of fox with Tyrone Power, Enrique knew he wanted to be an actor. Behind him was a career in Law, which he pursued more to please his father than out of his own vocation. His formal start on the boards placed him in The bourgeois gentleman of Moliere, and his first recognition was as a screenwriter, for figures such as Andres Percivale, Osvaldo Miranda and Eduardo Bergara Leumannuntil Lower leg summoned him for cinnamon moon and gave him the place of co-driver: his name ceased to be a well-kept secret to take the daily life of Argentines by storm.

Because what Enrique wanted was to act and he put his body and pen to his own destiny. So he wrote and starred collected stories and the Enrique Pinti Show until it was consecrated with Creole saucea satirical and crude review of Argentine history, which was seen by more than three million viewers.

Enrique Pinti

Owner of a unique and unrepeatable style, with a praise of the swear words inherited from everyday language in his childhood home, he also excelled in one-man shows such as Pinti’s Hell, Pinti sings the 40 and national candombe, among others. He also acted in musicals The producers, Hairspray and Before I forget and made adjustments to Chicago, Filomena Marturano and young frankenstein.

He also left his mark on television, with special appearances in classics such as married with childs o The Rolands, as a jury in tanks like ShowMatch O Your face is familiar to me and as a luxury guest, as a compulsive and sensible commentator whenever a program claimed his talent. An unfathomable artist, his verbiage also brought him closer to rock: Charlie Garcia and Peter Aznar musicalized their texts for the album Radio Pinti and went boyfriend in the remembered clip of Ojo con los Orozco, the inexhaustible rap of Leon Gieco. And the titles continue, and give an account of a versatile and profound artist, who with the always complex tool of humor, moved his audience and left an indelible mark on the Argentine show.

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