Social media continues to strive to innovate and improve its platforms , integrating many features and elements that allow users to have more digital space easily to use. One of the most active during the first quarter of the year was Twitter as it unveiled several new tools to the community, some of which were leaked.

Now, as discovered and shared by security researcher Jane Manchun Wong, the company is working on a new option to leave a conversation thread in which the user has been tagged. Naturallyit works differently than the ability to silence them.

Very soon it will be possible to leave a conversation thread on Twitter.

It has been reported that Twitter developers are working on the ability for users who have been tagged in a conversation thread to leave it. Currently the app only has the option to mute the conversation, but it is an easier and more convenient function that can be muted when joining the conversation.

Wong, who has detailed some of the app ‘s novelties , argues that the main difference is that the full link of the main tweet is broken and the notification stays in the background without interference from the main tweet.

Similarly, it’s worth noting that even if the user exits the thread,can still see that conversation.

How to create a thread on Twitter

In the Twitter app, you have to press the pencil icon to compose a new tweet, which takes the user to a screen where they can start typing.

Now on the tweet creation screen, tap the bottom right button to be able to add more pipeline tweets.

This type of “string” is the thread and you can add any tweets the user wants.

In each tweet in the thread, you can add images, GIFs , polls and other things provided by the Twitter app. Once all the tweets you want have been added to the thread, all you have to do is tap the tweet button to continue posting the entire thread.

This is how you can make GIFs from iOS operating system on Twitter

The Twitter app for iOS wants to make it easier for people to share their own GIFs. With the latest version of the app, you can now animate with your camera without leaving the social network . No doubt loyal users are faced with an add-on that is not revolutionary but is presented as very useful.

It should be remembered that GIFs have become a very popular way of reacting on Twitter. They may be used in our tweets as well as in replies or when quoting third-party posts. The platform lets you choose animations from a large catalog, but it wants to go a little further.

Twitter knows that in many cases there is no better way forThere are people out there expressing themselves through their own GIFs and for this reason it has decided to integrate the option to create them on iOS.And the best part is that it is a very simple process.

The way to create a GIF on Twitter

As published by Twitter support, all you have to do to animate is tap the camera icon and access the GIF option that appears alongside the traditional video capture and capture.

Once created , the user can preview it to check if the end result is what they want . In this case, it can be pasted directly into the tweet or reply. Otherwise, and if you are not satisfied with the final version, you can do it again.

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