Translate Messages in Real-Time with Telegram’s Latest Update – Customize Profile with Emojis

Telegram and its function to translate messages in real time

Application users will also be able to customize their profile photos and select the types of multimedia messages they can receive

A new Telegram update makes it even easier for users to start conversations with people who do not speak the same language, as the messaging application has launched a function that automatically translates messages that are received in a language other than the one configured in the application.

According to the platform’s official blog post, this new feature is already active only for users around the world and can be used in personal or group conversations, in notification channels, or in announcements that can be found in other languages.

This feature is already available in the most recent update of the messaging platform. This version automatically displays a translation bar at the top of the chat screen and is located below the name of the user who wrote the text. The bar can display the option “Translate to (language name)” or “Show original language” as an additional notification.

In the event that the automatic form of this function does not include the translation of the desired language, it can also be configured to show other possibilities of languages to translate.

Permissions for sending multimedia messages

However, the translation options for Telegram conversations is not the only new feature that has been introduced in the new update of the application. Although this was dedicated solely to premium users, there are also functions that have been established as accessible to all users.

In the case of group chats, the administrators of these group conversations can choose what type of multimedia messages can be sent in them from a list of nine different types among which you can find voice messages, photos, videos, GIFs, among others.

To access this form of content moderation, administrators must enter the chat options after clicking on the group name and then choosing the “Permissions” option. Within this section, users must select the “multimedia delivery 9/9” function, which will be activated by default. Here you can choose the type of multimedia content that can be sent within the conversation from now on.

Files that have been sent before limiting the type of content that can be shared in these conversations will not be deleted and will remain in the chats, but their presence thereafter will not be allowed.

Custom Profile Photo Maker

An additional feature that is present in the new version of Telegram will be the ability to create new custom profile photos using emojis instead of sticking with the default profile based on the name set by the user.

Platform users, whether premium or not, will have the ability to set dynamic emojis as public images within their platform profiles. In addition, you can select a background style for the profile photo.

To establish this type of profile photos, users must enter their personal profiles within the application and then press the “Set profile photo” button. Within the list of pop-up options, you will have to click on the one that indicates “Set emoji or sticker”.

This function will open the entire list of emojis (dynamic and default), plus set and custom background styles that you can choose from before hitting the OK button.

The official Telegram website also indicated that additional functions such as organization of emojis by categories, data usage control, automatic saving options on devices and more interactive emojis available to all users have been added.

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