TikTok reported that it will launch a new mode that will allow content creators to limit their content to only being shown to an adult audience.. The company explained that the idea is aimed at live broadcasts that are made from the social network.

They noted that this may be interesting for people whose content may be too strong for a very young audience, such as comedic content.

“Maybe it’s a comedy show that’s more for adults. Perhaps a user wants to talk about a difficult experience and feels more comfortable knowing that the audience will be limited to adults, “the company said in a statement.

Likewise TikTok announced that from November 23 the minimum age to do a live will increase from 16 to 18 years. This is intended as a mechanism to keep the community safe

“We want our community to take full advantage of the opportunities that LIVE can provide without compromising safety. We believe these industry-leading updates can further protect the youngest members of our community as they get started and build their online presence.”

As part of the update TikTok also plans to implement a keyword filtering system. which will allow content creators who decide to make Lives to be able Limit comments you deem inappropriate. In addition to this, in the coming weeks TikTok will add an additional feature that will send reminders and suggestions for users to add to their filter list.

They pointed out that this is possible because the tool analyzes the type of content that the creator deletes while he is making his Live, in such a way that it can recognize patterns and words that are repeated in the comments. In this way, select these words and recommend them so that inappropriate comments decrease.

All these measures are part of the platform’s efforts to improve the experience that its users have when browsing the social network. and access the lives that are available in it.

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