Instagram is working on an integration with NFTs , i.e. digital collectibles issued and certified using the same technologies underlying cryptocurrencies. This time – after the rumors of the last few weeks – the official confirmation has arrived from Mark Zuckerberg , # 1 in Meta.

Zuckerberg mentioned the news during an interview held on the stage of SXSW, a Texan convention dedicated to the world of technology and innovation. The Facebook founder didn’t give big details about the projects Instagram is working on.

According to some rumors, Instagram could support verified profile images : the owners of an NFT could, therefore, use the images they purchased as pfp exactly as it already happens on Twitter. To do this, they would have to link their wallets – such as Metamask – to the social network, so that they can effectively guarantee that they are the legitimate owners of the NFT.

Other rumors speak of an even more ambitious integration, for example Instagram could present a marketplace for the purchase of NFT inside its main app. Instagram would then become one of the most used social networks by the community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and virtual collectibles.

For the moment everything is still very vague. Adam Mosseri, # 1 on Instagram, also confirmed that the social is actively exploring how to support NFTs.

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