Meta redesigns its privacy policy with facilities for users

Meta redesigns its privacy policy with facilities for users

This update does not imply changes in the way in which user data is collected or used.
This update does not imply changes in the way in which user data is collected or used.

Starting today, Meta will display notifications informing users of the update to the company’s Privacy Policy, which was previously known as the Data Policy.

Meta’s updated Privacy Policy covers Facebook , Instagram , Messenger , and other Meta products. Does not include WhatsApp , Workplace, Free Basics, Messenger Kids, or use of Quest devices without a Facebook account, as these products have their own privacy policies.

“Based on feedback from people who use our technologies and from privacy experts, we have reworded our Privacy Policy to make it easier to understand and to reflect the latest products we offer ,” the statement said.

Please note that this update does not change the way user data is collected or used . Nor will the information begin to be sold, according to the company. The modification has to do with the way in which the information is presented.

As mentioned above, the way of writing and displaying the items that make up the Privacy Policy was simply modified. What is sought is to clarify the practices that are carried out in relation to user data. To that end, additional examples and details have been added.

More ways to access information management controls are also included, to make it easier to customize this option.

In turn, the Terms of Service have been updated to better explain what is expected of the company and the people who use the platform.

“ These expectations include the rights and obligations described in our Community Standards, for example, when we can disable or remove accounts that violate our Terms or Community Standards, the intellectual property rights of others or other laws”, it is highlighted in the release.

The notifications people will start receiving starting today on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger will direct them to information about what to expect from the relevant Privacy Policy and Terms of Service in their region.

A summary of what will change will also be displayed . Those changes are effective as of July 26, and users will not have to respond to the notification to continue using the products.

privacy center

Earlier this year, we began rolling out the Privacy Center , which is a place where people can learn more about Meta’s approach to privacy across apps and technologies . The Privacy Center is now available to everyone who uses Facebook on desktop and mobile, and connects directly to this new updated Privacy Policy.

In the Privacy Center you can learn more about how data is used, manage some of the different privacy controls on offer, as well as access key account security tips and tools.

New controls for users

Starting today, a new setting is also rolling out to make it easier to manage who can see your posts on Facebook. Now when someone selects a default audience, that selection will apply to new Facebook posts that person shares to their timeline, unless they select a different audience for a particular post.

Previously, the default audience for posts was the last audience selected. So if a post was just made public, subsequent posts kept that setting. These new settings will help ensure that content is shared with the people you select.

New ways to manage ads

Controls for ad themes and interest categories have been consolidated into a single place that can be accessed across Facebook and Instagram, covering a broader set of ad themes.

This allows people to use a single control to set ad preferences that reflect interest targeting categories.

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