• Instagram plans to remove the store button to simplify the app experience and make it easier for users to find engaging content

Instagram is testing a beta version of the application in which the store icon does not appear. Its place is replaced by a button to see the notifications of the app directly.

A change of this type, if materialized, would imply not only returning to the original interface of the application , but would also show that Meta will not continue to prioritize the store as it has been doing so far. Instagram reported that, at the moment, the test of the alternative version of its application only has a handful of users.

They must inform if they feel that this version simplifies the experience of using the app and if they agree with it. Some reports even indicate that Instagram could completely get rid of the store function due to the lack of success of this section.

However, they clarify that this change does not imply that Instagram leaves aside the business of stores in its social network. Instead, the social network plans to offer a slightly simpler and less personalized environment than it currently offers. As reported by people with access to the alternative version of Instagram, in order to access the stores it is necessary to do so from the options menu.

Experts suggest that this change, as simple as it may seem , is a clear sign that Meta does not currently consider that its monetization mechanism involves the fact of promoting stores.

It is also necessary to remember that it was during the pandemic that Meta paid special attention to the incorporation of the store to Instagram. This feature was intended to help small and medium-sized businesses continue to be operational during the lockdown so that they could continue to generate revenue. In this sense, they offered their own payment system to make it easier for potential customers not to have to leave the application at the time of making their purchase.

However, its success does not seem to have been significant enough for the platform to decide to continue keeping it as one of its main focuses of business and income generation.

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