We tell you everything you need to know to use a WhatsApp account on multiple devices simultaneously.

WhatsApp Messenger is becoming available on more and more devices due to the high demand from users of the world’s most popular messaging app. Currently, it is possible to use WhatsApp on an iPad, on a PC or laptop (with the web version) and, of course, on iPhone and Android smartphones.

In addition, now WhatsApp developers have announced that it will soon be possible to use a single account on multiple devices simultaneously. That’s right, in addition to being able to use two WhatsApp accounts on one iPhone it will also be possible to use the same account on two iPhones or two Android smartphones, regardless of their brand and operating system. That’s great news!

WhatsApp officially announces the use of one account on multiple phones

WhatsApp has announced through its official blog the implementation of a new option to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple phones.

“Today, we’re enhancing this multi-device feature with the introduction of the option to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple phones. This is a feature that has been highly requested by users. You can now link your phone with up to three additional devices.”

Imagine how useful and convenient this great new feature from WhatsApp can be. Especially for those users who use one smartphone for their work and another phone for their everyday life. From now on users will be able to switch phones without logging out to resume WhatsApp chat conversations from another location.

How to use one WhatsApp account on multiple phones

The operation of this new WhatsApp feature to use one account on multiple devices is really simple. In fact, linking a WhatsApp account on multiple phones works identically to how WhatsApp is linked on laptops, PCs and tablets.

Follow these steps to use WhatsApp on multiple phones without having to sign out:

  • Download WhatsApp Messenger on your secondary phone.
  • Scan a QR code to link your account with your secondary device.

Additionally, from WhatsApp have assured that they will introduce a new alternative linking method that will work without a QR code as follows:

  • Enter your phone number on your secondary device.
  • Receive a unique personal security code.
  • Activate your account on your secondary device.

The good news came just after WhatsApp launched a major April update with great new features that landed on iOS and Android, accompanied by a feature that allows you to send video messages in WhatsApp chats and that will completely revolutionize the way we connect with friends and family. There is no doubt that lately WhatsApp is receiving great changes that contribute to significantly improve your user experience.

According to WhatsApp, the “multi-device linking” feature will be available to all iOS and Android users internationally and its update will be rolled out over the next few weeks.

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