Facebook: Meta will finally allow the creation of 5 profiles per account

Facebook: Meta will finally allow the creation of 5 profiles per account

News hardware Facebook: Meta will finally allow the creation of 5 profiles per account

Why not 5 profiles per user on Facebook soon? It is Meta’s goal to relaunch interaction and thus growth in the declining social network.

Up to 5 profiles per account soon on Facebook?

Meta is currently testing a new function to increase the number of posts and shares on Facebook. An attempt for the social network to revive its growth which continues to decline.

At the moment only a few users, mainly in the United States, have received this update. It’s not about at the moment only a beta test to see if it is useful to expand it to more people.

The new function allows you to create up to four additional profiles. It will not be necessary to put his identity or his name. This allows you to have a profile according to the type of relationship you have with the person. The flow will also be different. Thus it becomes possible to have a group for colleagues, one for friends, family, etc.

On the other hand, it will only be possible to comment with the main profile. This avoids the excesses of people who could take advantage of this anonymity. It still risks creating a misunderstanding between the profile people are friends with and the one you might be commenting with.

Regain market share among young people

Facebook has been losing momentum for a few years, especially among young people. Some attempts, such as adding the stories function, were not enough to rekindle the flame for the social network. The objective is therefore to recover all those very active usersallowing them to have personalized profiles.

In 2020 Facebook had already tried to offer new profiles for students. The goal was to separate their newsfeed between college and friends. Today, Meta’s social network hopes that users will take advantage of this feature by creating profiles by area of ​​interest. Thus it will be possible to have a profile only dedicated to video games while another will be for photography for example.

These four additional profiles will always be linked to the main account. This means that if one of the profiles does not respect the conditions of use, all the profiles will be sanctioned. Meta also adds that the way to calculate engagement statistics will not change. Using multiple profiles to view the same post will not give more impressions.

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