Elon Musk will stop being in charge of Twitter in the next few hours. Since he acquired most of the shares of the social network and began to direct it, the controversies and discontent among users have not stopped growing. For this reason, the flight to alternatives such as Mastodon or Hive, the massive layoffs or the recent ban on promoting other social networks on Twitter have only fueled the conflict between Musk and users. And, finding himself in a compromised position, it has been Elon himself who has made his position available to the members of Twitter with a survey with more than 15 million votes.

However, the result of it is not positive for Elon Musk. At this time, with 2 hours to go until the end of the survey, more than 57% of users want the tycoon to leave his position as head of Twitter. In addition, in the responses you can see the opinion of influential personalities, such as MrBeast, pointing out some of the main problems that have led the majority of users to vote for Musk’s goodbye. Thus, if he does not manage to reverse the results of the survey, Elon Musk will cease to be in charge of Twitter in the next few hours.

Elon Musk continues to seek investors while he refuses to pay compensation

Unfortunately for Musk, the opinion of Twitter users is not the only problem that he has had to face in recent days. As reported by The Verge, the tycoon is looking for investors who will purchase each share for 50.95 euros (or $54.20). Said figure, as indicated by the portal, is what Musk paid for each share when he acquired most of the amount. However, Twitter shares currently cost 50.50 euros (or $53.70), a figure slightly less than what Musk paid. Even so, it is important to note that the price of these has not stopped growing since Elon is in charge of the company.

Even so, if the billionaire ceases to be the head of Twitter in the next few hours, he will have to face a problem that he has been dragging on for weeks: severance pay after massive layoffs. As reported by Ars Technica, Musk has no intention of paying compensation to all fired Twitter employees. From the beginning, the tycoon has refused to carry out this maneuver as he prepared to face class action lawsuits. And, as the portal has learned, his legal team is already working to find a way not to pay compensation.

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