Elon Musk “mocked” Twitter for saying that more than 95% of active users are human

Elon Musk “mocked” Twitter for saying that more than 95% of active users are human

Elon Musk and Twitter have been in the middle of the controversy for several weeks.

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, again lashed out at Twitter now “mocking” the number of bots or false and human accounts that exist in the social network that it intends to buy for 44 million dollars.

Through a survey that he published on his verified profile, the tycoon referred to the figure defended by the platform, which says that less than 5% are accounts could be handled by software and not people.

“Twitter claims > 95% of daily active users are real, unique humans. Does anyone have that experience?” she questioned.
He put two options as answers: in the first there are two laughing emojis and in the second a robot emoji asking “Who, me?!”. In both cases she would be making fun of Twitter, showing his skepticism.

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This comes a day after Musk replied to Parag Agrawal, still the CEO of Twitter, with a poop emoji. to you’s thread of posts began by pointing out that to talk about spam on the social network you had to put everything in context, showing facts and data. In more than 10 tweets explained how they work to keep bot profiles in check.

First, he mentioned that they are aware that “spam damages the experience of real people and therefore, can harm our business”, so it was a huge incentive to detect and remove as much spam as they can on a daily basis. “Anyone who suggests otherwise is simply wrong,” sentenced.

He detailed that spam is not just binarythat is, human and non-human, since there are campaigns that combine humans with automation, which makes them more sophisticated and difficult to detect.r thread where you underlined that the number of spam profiles are significantly fewer than actual users.

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Finally, he pointed out that “fighting spam is incredibly dynamic”.

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