Who Killed Sara

‘Who Killed Sara?’: Everything We Know About Season 2

Many unsolved unknowns, even the one that answers the question of the Netflix series title. We analyze all the loose ends that the first installment left us and that will form part of the common thread of the new chapters that arrive on May 19 on the platform.

There is nothing more exciting in a fiction than intrigue and that has been one of the keys to the success of ‘Who Killed Sara?’ The Mexican series has been among the most viewed content on Netflix for weeks and has all its fans on edge for season 2 that will arrive on May 19. As much as it is presented as a modern fiction, the story, created by José Ignacio Valenzuela, maintains all the elements of the classic soap operas: betrayals, deaths, infidelities … As already happened with ‘Dark desire’, Mexico has once again demonstrated that he is able to dazzle the audience with his attractive proposals.

The plot starts with a party in the middle of a lake. Sara decides to go paragliding, but the ropes are unraveling and the young woman passes away. Does he really die? Some theories suggest that everything has been a strategy and that the protagonist is alive. We will discover him in the second installment that he is already on the starting track and that he will have to solve a lot of unknowns that were left open after the end. The main one is the one that answers the question presented by the title of the series, since we still do not know the real identity of the young woman’s murderer.

Sara was aware of one of the great secrets of the Lazcano clan thanks to the famous tape in which the dark prostitution business in which they are involved is reflected. That may be Álex’s great asset to kill his enemies and shed light on the case. On the other hand, there is the diary in which the protagonist wrote a lot of details about her complex personality and the corpse that was found by her brother. Some hypotheses suggest that the skeleton belongs to its father.

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