Élite Season 4: This is all we know about it now

Élite Season 4: This is all we know about it now

The cast of Élite season 4 is going to look very different!

We finally know more about Élite season 4! It took a while, but it is now clear when the fourth season of Élite will be released on Netflix. We can hardly wait, given that the Spanish series is going in a completely different direction with the fourth season. How else? Read: an (almost completely) different cast and completely different adventures. We’ll catch up with you.

A while ago, the Spanish website Bluper reported that they have understood from reliable sources that Élite season 4 will look very different. At that time we didn’t know exactly what this meant, but now it is clear: we are not going to see a lot of our favorite students from Las Encinas anymore.

It is now clear who exactly is involved, because Netflix has shared a photo of the cast of Élite season 4. On a row!

These characters continue to be seen in Élite season 4:

Samuel (Itzan Escamilla)
Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau)
Omar (Omar Ayuso)
Rebeca (Claudia Salas)
Other (Arón Piper)
Cayetana (Georgina Amorós)

Those who do not return are:

Carla (Ester Expósito)
Lu (Danna Paola)
Polo (Álvaro Rico)
Nadia (Mina El Hammani)
Valerio (Jorge López)

Of course we saw that coming a bit. After all, Nadia, Lu and Carla have graduated and are leaving Las Encinas. Hopefully this will give them a somewhat calmer life. Valerio finally got a good job and goes to work as head of Carla’s family winery. It will probably not surprise you that Polo will not return. He didn’t make it to the end of season 3 (and quite honestly: despite not being the sweetest character, this was so, so sad).

They make way for a number of new cast members. We now know that the following names will be featured in Élite season 4:

Carla Díaz
Martina Cariddi
Manu Rios
Pol Granch

The streaming service previously shared the first images of the fourth season on social media, including very nice behind-the-scenes photos.

Good news! An official release date for Élite season 4 has now finally been announced . At the end of last year, the recordings of Élite season 4 were completed, so we already knew it couldn’t be very long. Grab your agenda, because the fourth season of our favorite series will be released on Netflix on June 18. So have to be patient for a few more months (😩), but hey, we got this!

Season 5 of Élite

Although season 4 of Élite has yet to be released, we already know that there will also be a fifth season. That news was one of the first to be brought into the world bythe Spanish website Bluper . But now we know for sure: Netflix shared a video in which the cast announces the fun news themselves.

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