Clubhouse could arrive on Android next May

Clubhouse could arrive on Android next May

Clubhouse is one of the most popular social networks around, although currently limited to iOS. However, that could change very soon.

Clubhouse has become an extremely popular platform lately. It already has millions of users, yet it is only available to users with an iOS device. Many people are waiting for the application to be released on Android. This could be done during the next month.

Clubhouse could arrive on Android in May

Clubhouse is one of the hottest social apps right now. And what’s interesting about its incredible popularity gain is the fact that it’s an iOS exclusive right now.

And that the only way to be able to join the platform is to be invited. The question is therefore most logical: what about Android users who would also like to invite themselves to the Clubhouse party?

Enough to further strengthen its popularity

The good news is, according to a tweet from Mopewa, developer for Clubhouse, it looks like the Android version of the platform is currently in development.

Another tweet from Morgan Evetts later revealed that the release of this Android version is currently scheduled for around May. That could change, of course, but here is what will give an idea to Android users who are just waiting for this.

For those who don’t know, Clubhouse is a new social media app that offers a “new” way to chat online. Rather than going through the written word, Clubhouse allows users to discuss topics that appeal to them via voice chat rooms. Users can create their own rooms based on their interests and invite people to join them.

Anyone can participate in the conversations by “raising their hand”. And the least we can say is that this format is very popular. It didn’t take long for platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Discord to start developing something similar on their own.

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