Ylenia could go to jail: the fall from grace of the queen of 'tiki tiki'

Ylenia could go to jail: the fall from grace of the queen of ‘tiki tiki’

Much has rained since Ylenia Padilla came to the small screen from the hand of ‘Gandía Shore’, the thug MTV reality show that brought together the most diverse young people in a house with a common goal: to enjoy the best summer of their lives.

The spontaneity and character of the one in Benidorm they earned her to rise as the most popular of the program, and although she did not renew for a second season, she did not take long to return to walk through the television sets, on that occasion invited by Telecinco.

Since then, the Valencian woman became one of the most common faces on the network, until her final goodbye arrived.

At the height of her television career, when she began to collaborate on programs such as ‘Save me’ or ‘Viva la vida’, Ylenia said goodbye to television and from her statements it was possible to intuit that she did not keep a good memory of her stage in the middle.

Padilla has dedicated very unkind words to Telecinco and to different faces of the chain, in some outbursts that show throught social media and that have led many to think that she suffer from certain problems that could have taken a toll on her mental health.

The one in Benidorm links one controversy with another, and has recently been highly criticized by her transphobic attacks on the comedian Elsa Ruiz, to which she referred in masculine through Twitter while asking: “Is that a woman?”.

But the thing did not stop there, but a single day later, she issued a string of offensives to the entire group, marking the community as “sick” who were born” badly “,”trash” and “you fu*king riffraff”, among many other disqualifications.

From ‘Socialité’ they have contacted an expert in social networks, who has warned Ylenia Padilla that it is most likely that no brand wants to have her again to promote themselves through their profiles after such an embarrassing scene.

But that is not the worst, and it is that the team of María Patiño’s program has also spoken with a lawyer who sees in the words of the one from Benidorm an alleged “hate crime” that could lead to “a fine and even prison sentences”.

The Law is very clear in this regard, and establishes a prison sentence “from one to four years and a fine from six to twelve months to those who publicly encourage, promote or incite directly or indirectly to hatred, hostility, discrimination or violence against a group, a part of it or against a specific person by reason of their membership of that group, for racist, anti-Semitic or other reasons related to the ideology, religion or beliefs, family situation, the belonging of its members to an ethnic group, race or nation, their national origin, their sex, orientation or sexual identity, for reasons of gender, illness or disability”.

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