Yailin ‘the most viral’ covers Anuel AA’s tattoo and makes a tribute to her daughter

Yailin 'The Most Viral': Anuel AA Tattoo Tribute & Daughter's Name Change

Yailin ‘The Most Viral’: Anuel AA Tattoo Tribute & Daughter’s Name Change

The Dominican Yailin ‘the most viral’ when she had a romantic relationship with Anuel AA she got to make a tattoo in his honor and finally with the passing of the months of having culminated their love affair, she decided to remove it.

The Dominican Yailin ‘la más viral’ had a sentimental relationship with the reggaeton singer Anuel AA, with whom she also married in June 2022 in Dominican Republic, although it did not last for long because it was in February 2023 when they announced that the love that once united them had come to an end.

However, while they stayed together, the singer decided to get a tattoo to honor the great love she felt for him, and she decided to get it on her forearm and it said “Emmanuel”, real name of the Boricua, although this Sunday an image that has gone viral on social networks.

At the same time, both will continue to have a bond that they will never be able to undo, because they had a daughter who is now five months old, and while Yailin was pregnant they had decided that the girl would be called Cattaleya, although some time later they changed it to Cattleya.

“A photo of what looks like Yailin’s new tattoo is circulating, this could be the confirmation that she erased Emmanuel’s name and replaced it with the name of her daughter Cattleya”, was the message that accompanied the publication.

This Sunday more than one was surprised to see Tekashi 6ix9ine’s sentimental partner sporting a new design on her forearm, right where her ex’s real name was visible. It turns out that the interpreter of the musical theme ‘pa ti‘ covered that part of her body with the word ‘Cattaleya’, due to the first words failed to put the real identification of his little girl.

However, it was clear that the 21-year-old Dominican also wanted to pay tribute to her newborn daughter, while the design also added part of some petals of that flower, because it is a very well known flower that originates in Costa Rica and Panama to Argentina, and is talking about an orchid and its meaning is “beautiful flower”.

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