Totally moved. Yahaira Plasencia was totally grateful to Sergio George for being her guide in the world of music, since he is not only her music producer, but also her personal advisor.

Sergio entered such an important part of my life, not only musically, but he helped me a lot to see and understand this as a business. He knows everything I’ve been through, I told him absolutely everything, even the mistakes I’ve made”, she commented.

Likewise, the sauce boat recognized that this 2021 has not been her best year, especially due to the mistakes she made, because because she participated in a party when they were totally prohibited, this cost her her exit from television.

He has always had words of motivation towards me. He knows that 2021 has been a difficult year for me, I feel that I have stumbled a lot, more than necessary, but each of those things has taught me to be stronger than before”, she indicated.

On the other hand, Yahaira Plasencia thanked all the emotional support that her manager and her family have given her, this because on more than one occasion she thought about throwing in the towel.

I want to thank Sergio, Danilo who is my manager, my family, for not letting go of me, Well, there is a moment where one says ‘until now’. This industry is complicated, is not easy,” she added.

Finally, the salsa company called on the radio and television programs to promote the exposure of new talents in music, and it is that she assures that abroad they do not know that there are good artists in Peru.

I who have stepped on international stages, they don’t know about the talent that exists in Peru. I want to make a call to radios and programs like yours Gisela, to support each of the talents that comes out”, she sentenced.


Yahaira Plasencia was invited to the program America Today to discuss her recent sentencing in Artist of the Year. However, before she could say anything Janet Barboza let her know that Karol G, a famous Colombian singer, followed her on Instagram; however, this would not be entirely true.

This Wednesday, December 1, the ‘Queen of the totó’ entered the América TV set wearing a tiny beige poly-dress, which was praised by Ethel Pozo. She even dared to model to the rhythm of ‘And I told him no’.

After that, the popular ‘Rulitos’ asked her if her smile from ear to ear was due to the recent ‘follow’ she received from Karol G on Instagram.

“You are divine, I imagine that you will be happy because Karol G has just followed you on your social networks,” commented the host of América TV.

Faced with this news, Yahaira confessed that she had no idea that the interpreter of ‘Bichota’ was among her followers. “I don’t know if Karol G has followed me for a long time”, she commented surprised.

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