Sergio Dalma:

Sergio Dalma: “I was Italian in another life”

When he gets off the stage, he becomes, like Superman when he took off his red cape, into an ordinary man by name Josep Capdevila. What happens is that this reincarnated Italian does not stop getting on the tables and, of course, he is more of a Richard Gere-like superhero than Lord of Sabadell although, that, the Lord of Sabadell carries him as a flag.

He publishes a new album and new single ‘Alegría’ and ‘La Vida’. Yes Yes. His is optimism at the top of supervitaminized despite the fact that the times that run are gray charcoal. But let’s see, we’re talking about a man who almost won Eurovision and that marks, amen.

Enjoy it all as a lot of passion and a lot of enthusiasm, like the first day. It is not a cliché.

Is being so attractive a gift or a condemnation?

I have never considered myself attractive at all. When you appear in the media, they see you taller and more handsome than the bill. I don’t want to be a “Galilea” (laughs).

Tell us about that unspeakable vice that he forbids himself …

Taking some more expensive wine than the account but, as I usually share it, I consider it to be good money invested.

Define your album «Alegría» in three words.

Optimism, vitality and color.

His latest song is entitled “Life”, an optimistic and enjoyable song … Isn’t life a bit cruel? Or not?

So I try to find the positive side and enjoy it to the fullest. This is four days and two have already been taken from us.

Gray times and you vindicate the little great things in life, is that right?

Yes, because in the end we have realized that they are the essence of life and, sometimes, they go too unnoticed.

They told us that when we got out of this (the pandemic), we would be better … don’t you think we’re a little bit more bastard?

I believe that we are generally more vulnerable but, unfortunately, those who intend to do harm are usually more visible.

Does being from Sabadell print character?

It is a pride and I always defend my land tooth and nail.

To be taken seriously in music, do you have to be eccentric, irreverent, ugly or older? Choose without complexes.

You have to be normal. Divism is no longer worn.

Are you afraid that one day your lyrics will be questioned, as happened with the famous “mariconez” from Mecano’s “Stay in Madrid”?

No. And I don’t care about anything.

Sergio Dalma
Sergio Dalma

Are you an Italian by vocation?

I was Italian in another life.

Did you dream of winning Eurovision?

We got to pet him, but it was fine that way.

They call him romantic … A lot of honor?

There is one percentage of truth and another that is not. In this I recognize that I am quite classic.

How has fame treated you?

Very well. I have never been indigestible until now.

When you listen to a perreo, don’t you remember that song from “Low Strokes” that said: “Bad times for lyrical”?

In each era there are different musical movements and I think they have to be respected.

In the shower, do you sing your songs, opera …?

I am bland. I don’t sing in the shower

Sergio Dalma
Sergio Dalma

Confess that unspeakable musical vice. In other words, that song / singer that doesn’t hit anything but loves a mallet.

María Callas and Pavarotti have always enchanted me.

Disco, I imagine it spins … don’t tell me you’re not too lazy to kill yourself with the sandwich, the road and the blanket …

No. I want to be on the road and do the usual gastronomic route on my tours at the same time.

What do you love the most and what loves you the most about love?

That effervescent moment that makes you live it all like a fool. And I hate that they restrict you and don’t give you your own space.

What did you want to know about sex and never dared to ask?

I always had extensive information and I did not have any kind of prejudice or concealment in my family.

Can you love (or unlove) as your songs say or is everything much more “easy going”?

Everything has its expiration date.

They say that if you want to dedicate yourself to porn, you have to start with the artistic name and that the best is the one obtained by joining the name of your pet with that of your street, what would yours be?

Pichu Mayor.

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