Ximena Santaolalla

Writer Ximena Santaolalla wins Mauricio Achar 2021 Award

“Muerte de un Nawal” is the name of the work that earned the award to the Mexican author

Because it is a powerful story that uses documentary records to create different and complex points of view on the contemporary view of the conditions of migration and violence in Central America , the jury of the seventh edition of the Mauricio Achar Prize 2021-Random House Literature , awarded the award to the writer Ximena Santaolalla Abdó for the “Death of a Nawal . ”

According to the author, the book began to be written six years ago, at a time when she began to reflect on how little she knew about Guatemala , a country that borders Mexico to the south .

“I remember that many times I expressed offended how little the United States knows about Mexico , some time later I reflected that I did not know anything about Central America , especially Guatemala , it was then that I began to read about its history, to be surprised, to fall in love and to feel pain because of what that country has been through ”, said Santaolalla Abdó .

In this way, the author began to write some stories and as she progressed she began to think of the book as a novel, however, her knowledge of the genre led her to document herself and carry out various workshops, a situation that gave life to “Muerte de a Nawal ” .


  • The work of Ximena Abdó Santaolalla was selected from 167 participants.
  • “Death of a Nawal ” is a choral novel.


  • 150 thousand pesos is corresponding to the award.
  • 6 books were finalists for the Mauricio Achar 2021 Prize-Random House Literature .

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