The Queen bee, Chiquis Rivera, does not want to leave for anyone. No pain, no glory, Jenni Rivera’s daughter danced making it clear that she did not have a bra under her silk robe.

This while she was getting her makeup and hair done for a social event she was having. She soon after showed her final result in a very eighties gold metallic dress.

From event to event, from concert to concert and from engagement to engagement, it is normal that Chiquis Rivera uses her Instagram to keep in touch with her fans because otherwise it would be impossible to see her due to the tight schedule she has had in 2022.

One of those moments was fresh out of the shower wearing a fine burgundy silk robe through which you could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. To later end in Disney sharing with friends.

Then a gold lycra dress had her swaying to the beat of the music. She also walks very presumptuous and spectacular with the great body that she has shown in recent months. The fact is that Chiquis went after all this with her beloved Emilio Sánchez to the Disney Parks in Anaheim, California.

There the interpreter of “El Honor” and “Entre Besos y Copas” shared with loved ones in the different attractions of the place and of course, the Queen bee once made it clear that her weakness is children. It was not for nothing that she brought up her three younger brothers.

Chiquis Rivera nominated for the Latin Grammy 2022

Jenni Rivera’s daughter is reaping what you sow: a lot of hard work. The Mexican regional singer is nominated in the Best Band Album category for her album “Abeja Reina”. The day the nominations were announced, Chiquis cried with emotion in her pajamas in front of all her Instagram followers.

This would not be the first nomination for the singer of Mexican origin. Janney Marin Rivera, as her real name is, she won the award from the Latin Recording Academy in 2020. This made her career rebound in the last two years in an impressive way and we see her literally, in all sides.

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