The singer Jennifer López and Marc Anthony a few years ago declared eternal love, a fact that led them to make a great decision such as getting married in 2004. Product of the affection that at some point arose, the couple at that time decided to start a family, that’s where Max and Emme Muñiz were born, who came into the world on February 22, 2008.

However, it was in 2011 when they both realized that their relationship as spouses was unsustainable, a reason that led them to end their love and divorce. In turn, over the years both have shown that despite the two have their lives made, they respect each other and have a peaceful coexistence for the well-being of their children.

López wanted to reveal an emotional memory of a film that she produced some time ago. For this reason, she surprised her more than 224 million followers on the Instagram social network, a platform she used to highlight a tape with the father of her two little ones.

This was the first film I produced for Nuyorican Productions. I’m very proud of her. We’ve come a long way. Great story. Great deal. Great performance. Thank you for showing me this clip”, were the words that accompanied the audiovisual.

The interpreter of ‘On the floor’ was one of those in charge of founding the production company that you mentioned earlier and, with great enthusiasm, she wanted to remember one of the great projects that she has been able to take to the big screen, and that is ‘El Singer’.

Marc Anthony had the responsibility of being the protagonist of this film and, it is that he had to assume the role of Héctor Lavoe. In addition, great stars such as JLo (Puchi), John Ortiz (Willie Colón), Manny Pérez (Eddie) participated, after the recording process, fans of the salsa singer enjoyed this film since September 2006.

This biopic tells the story of the singer, ranging from his struggle with drugs, alcohol, depression and success in his professional career.

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