Tall, blonde, very attractive, and in her forties. This is the woman with whom, according to “Socialite”, the former mayor of Marbella Julian Munoz could be living a romantic relationship

Cachuli, as he is known in his closest environment, remains silent in response to whether he is in love again, but in the Marbella building in which this mysterious woman lives, Muñoz’s visits to one of his neighbors are not a secret.

Since he broke off his relationship with Isabel Pantoja, Julián has only known one stable partner, the businesswoman Karina Pau, with whom he was united for several years.

Later they related him to the Venezuelan Liv Paulo. Last year there was even talk that they were preparing their wedding, something that the tonadillera’s ex flatly denied. In addition, Liv never maintained a cordial relationship with her boyfriend’s two daughters.

Julián leads a very quiet life in Marbella, devoting most of his existence to his daughters and grandchildren. He collaborates selflessly in the preparation of the archive of a Church in the aforementioned town of Malaga and, as can be seen, he has time left to visit his “ghost girlfriend”.

The problem is that, after this alleged relationship was made public, the paparazzi are not going to leave him alone. Either they change the place of their appointments or it passes of everything and it continues visiting that woman in her house.

In the coming weeks we will continue to see Julián Muñoz in “It’s not time for revenge, it’s time for truth”, the docuseries about his personal and professional life, which is giving so much to talk about after the broadcast of its first chapter.

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