Terelu Campos denies that Rocío Carrasco’s special revolves around “Olga, Marta and this man”

Terelu Campos denies that Rocío Carrasco’s special revolves around “Olga, Marta and this man”

Terelu Campos lives with nerves, vertigo and illusion the hours before her return as presenter to Telecinco. The daughter of Maria Teresa Campos and Maria Patino are in charge of hosting the new Sálvame Limón, “Sálvame Lemon Tea”, which premieres today at four in the afternoon.

The first hour of magazine is converted into an attempt to recover the audience lost by the program in recent months. It is not the only change that La Fábrica de la Tele, producer of the space, has planned, but it is one of the most significant.

Terelu and María, companions and rivals, have accepted the challenge and promised to leave their television disagreements behind. Still, the clash of egos seems guaranteed and it is one of the main claims of the space that opens today with the trailer for a new special by Rocío Carrasco.

The first promo of the program was advanced in socialite, with the song ‘Ay mama’ by Rigoberta Bandini, one of the favorites to win the Benidorm Fest on January 27. The promotion of the special revolves around an enigmatic stanza of this song: “You who could end so many wars, listen to me. Mom, mom, mom.”

Just as the new presenters of Save Me Daily advanced on Saturday Deluxe, a six-minute trailer will be broadcast at the premiere of “Sálvame Lemon Tea”, in which Rocío Carrasco will surprise with new statements:

“Rocío’s words and attitudes will surprise you in that trailer”, the only one of them who has already seen the trailer. All the programs in this house -assured Patiño- are going to be at least this whole week talking about this.”

The romance of Antonio David and Marta Riesco fully affects the children of Rocío Carrasco.

After the expectations generated by the new special, LA RAZON has contacted the daughter of Maria Teresa Campos to clarify whether Rocío Carrasco will rule on the controversy involving her ex, Antonio David Flores.

The separation from Olga and the presumed transfer of the former collaborator’s residence from Malaga, where her children live, to Madrid, the city where Marta Riesco resides, fully affects her children, David and Rocío.

The first still continues to reside in what was the couple’s marital home, while Ana Rosa Quintana’s collaborator has been emancipated and lives with her boyfriend.

After the scandal generated when it was discovered that Antonio David and Marta Riesco are living together, and the enormous audience data that it is reaping, the announcement of a special by Rocío Carrasco has aroused great expectation.

However, nothing seems to indicate that Rocío Carrasco is going to make a statement on the matter. Terelu, has been clear and assures that the special program that her intimate friend will star in “It has nothing to do with the current situation of Olga, Marta and this man.”

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