Who is Kimi Goldman, Jean-Jacques Goldman’s daughter?

Kimi Goldman

Kimi Goldman

Star singer-songwriter JJ Goldman is the father of 6 children, including Kimi Goldman. Kimi Goldman is the second child born to France’s favorite singer from his second relationship. At the age of 71, and with over 40 years’ experience in the music business, the singer deserves a look at his family. Find out who Kimi Goldman is and the nature of her relationship with her father.

Kimi is one of Jean Jacques Goldman’s daughters

Father of 6 children, Jean Jacques Goldman has 5 daughters. From his first marriage to Catherine Morlet, he had 3 children, the eldest of whom was Caroline. Born in 1975, Caroline followed the same career path as her mother, a psychologist. Indeed, Caroline Goldman is a child psychologist. After the birth of their son Michael, JJ Goldman and Catherine had the joy in 1985 of giving birth to Nina, the French singing star’s second daughter. Nina did not follow in either of her parents’ footsteps. Extremely discreet, she preferred to become a pediatrician. In any case, the two sisters enjoyed working in the world of children.

After the birth of Nina Goldman, Jean Jacques and Catherine divorced. After a concert, the singer met Nathalie Thu Huong-Lagier, a mathematician who was still studying. Later (six years after JJG divorced Catherine), the young couple married. Nathalie is thirty years younger than France’s favorite singer. From this second marriage, Jean Jacques Goldman had the joy of fathering three daughters, including Kimi Goldman. Kimi is Jean Jacques and Nathalie Goldman’s second child, following in the footsteps of her sister Maya. Rose is the third and last child Nathalie gave to Jean Jacques Goldman.

What is Jean-Jacques Goldman’s relationship with his daughters?

The famous French singer and his daughters have a very close relationship. Although very famous, the singer-songwriter, who is one of the three best-selling artists of all time, is very discreet about his private life. Indeed, he lets very little information leak about the nature of his relationship with his 5 daughters.

From the scant information gleaned here and there, it emerges that Jean Jacques Goldman is a very loving father. To his children in general, and his daughters in particular, he imposes nothing in terms of their private or professional lives. When rumors were spread about him by Caroline Goldman’s colleagues, she was quick to intervene to restore her father’s good name.

In Caroline’s own words, Jean Jacques Goldman is a wonderful father. Kimi Goldman would not disagree, for out of love for her and her sisters, born from the same woman (Nathalie), the father has retired from the music scene. The star took this decision in order to devote himself fully to his relationship with his daughters. In short, Jean-Jacques Goldman has an excellent relationship with all his daughters.

How old is Kimi Goldman today?

Kimi Goldman, the second daughter Nathalie Thu Huong-Lagier gave to JJ Goldman, was born in 2005. In other words, in 2023, Nathalie’s youngest daughter is 18 years old. Kimi is now an adult who can make her own decisions and, of course, take responsibility for them. She can also take her driving test, if she hasn’t already. At 18, JJ Goldman’s fourth daughter can vote and make her opinion count in France.

What does Kimi Goldman do for a living?

Like her mother, Kimi Goldman is a very discreet woman. The public knows virtually nothing about her private life. The same is true of her professional life. However, at 18, the young woman is probably not very busy with a profession, but rather with her studies. Like her half-sisters, she probably wants to follow a formal professional career. In any case, her mother and father have certainly steered her (without imposing anything) towards a good professional field.

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