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According to Google and also Wikipedia as well as according to my search, Farah Schlink is a German presenter as well as editor.

She is probably lonely and has not married anyone yet, if we talk about her children, we do not know the details of her children because she has not married, and if you talk about her sweetheart, she is not confirmed it yet that she is my connection or something else.

Name Farah schlink
Profession News Reporter
Birth Place Germany
Presenter #heuteXpres zdfheute

Farah Schlink Age

However, if you talk about her age, which is not offered on the Internet, I assume that she is not older than 40 years. She is a German editor and news anchor. She was born in Germany.

What is the origin of Farah Schlink?

Farah Schlink, a journalist, editor and mediator living in Germany, is also a journalist. She is responsible for practically all news of the everyday program Today, which is broadcast in Germany and also in other European countries.

Wikipedia Farah Schlink

generally focuses on political information from around the world, including Germany and Europe as well as various other parts of the world. In her role as manager, she is responsible for Phoenix az’s daytime programming.

With her work as a press reporter as well as editor of ZDF Heute Information, Farah Schlink has firmly established herself as one of the most important reporters in the industry.

As a spokesperson, she focuses on news and storytelling channels. How much does Farah Schlink earn? Do you know her salary? Farah Schlink can earn a monthly income of EUR.

In Germany, most reporters accept equivalent compensation. A manager has a growing profession that has actually earned her a lot of money.

During her job, Schlink has actually collected a considerable amount of cash.

Farah Schlink is a German reporter, editor, television host and author. She received her journalism training at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz and Sorbonne College in Paris. In addition to German, she also speaks French and Arabic.

After graduating from high school, Farah Schlink first worked as an editor for the public television stations ZDF and Phoenix Metro. She made her television debut in 2011 as an outside reporter for Phoenix az.

Since then, she has actually provided countless programs in Phoenix metro, mostly with a focus on political problems. She gained greater notoriety for her role as the main anchor of the news program “Phoenix Metro – Der Tag”.


After helping Phoenix az, she moved to the television station ZDF. Here, Farah Schlink eventually advanced to become one of Germany’s best-known news programs as the anchor of “Heute.” She will continue to perform her management duties at the ZDF and Phoenix az stations.

Farah Schlink attended Gutenberg-Kolleg Wiesbaden (high school) and was editor of the university newspaper Der Gutenberg-Druck.

She studied journalism, law and French at the Johannes Gutenberg-Kolleg in Mainz in Rhineland-Palatinate and at the Sorbonne Université in Paris. She completed her studies in Germany with a Magister Artium, M.A. degree.

At the channel phoenix metro she is responsible for the program phoenix metro der tag as head of solution and can be seen regularly as moderator as well as press reporter in numerous phoenix metro formats.

It reports on current events from Germany and abroad and conducts interviews with personalities. She also works as an editor as well as reporter at ZDF for today’s information.

Schlink teaches media as well as communication science, journalistic practice and internet journalism as a university lecturer in Frankfurt am Main. In her free time, she plays field field hockey and won the 2013 German University Championships in Düsseldorf with the WG Mainz.

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