Last official act of the Kings Felipe VI and Letizia in Sweden. The Kings offered a reception in honor of their Swedish counterparts, King Carlos Gustavo and Queen Silvia, at the Residence of the Ambassador of Spain in the Nordic country, as a sign of gratitude for the attention received during their trip.

When the act had just begun, the Queen Letizia has suffered a small mishap from which she has come out with flying colors. And it is that in a moment to the sovereign her purse has fallen from her hands.

Quickly, Mrs. Letizia bent down to pick up her Lidia Faro green python clutch, as well as all the belongings that were inside. And what is the Queen carrying in her purse? Despite the speed with which she has collected her belongings, the cameras have captured what she is carrying with her when she goes to a public event.

Like most women, Letizia carried two essentials in her bag: her mobile phone and a lipstick. There was no need to carry anything else, no purse, no card holders, or keys that could be other essentials.

The first, essential to be connected at all times, especially when she is away from her daughters: Princess Leonor continues her studies in Wales and Infanta Sofía awaits the return of her parents to Madrid. The second, a classic to be perfect and touch up the lips at any time, even to give a quick and natural touch of color on the cheeks.

It is not the first time that Doña Letizia has suffered a setback. In November 2020, she could be seen with the hem of her dress from Carolina Herrera uploaded in the delivery of the Jaime I Awards in Valencia, and in February 2019 she had a bad drink in Rabat when the wind was about to reveal her hair, covered by a gauze veil, when she was going to enter the Mausoleum of Mohammed V and Hassan II in Rabat.

Also in 2006 and during a visit to San Roque, to preside over the acts of the 300th anniversary of the Cadiz town, the wind exposed her underwear.

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